Can a vacuum therapy machine enlarge buttocks?

Sexy buttocks are the symbol of a person and a girl. It makes us feel confident about life and ourselves. However, various situations can affect the shapes of the buttocks in recent years. For example, bad habits developed during work or study, pressure from daily life, poor sleep, irregular diets, going on diets overly. Under these circumstances, blood circulation is inhibited due to sitting too long in the office or without exercise. And drooping buttocks after giving birth or genetic factors are also adversely affecting the buttocks. So today, I will introduce a vacuum therapy machine to you. It has a broad treatment range, including the face, breast, back, abdomen, legs, arms, and buttocks. Except for it has the functions of cupping, absorbing, detox, weight reduction, it, more importantly, can enlarge breast and lift buttocks.


What is a vacuum therapy machine?

Cupping is an old substitution therapy. It’s operated like this: A therapist places a special cup on the skin for several minutes to produce suction. It’s used for various purposes, including alleviating pain and inflammation, promoting blood movement, making people relaxed and healthy, and massaging deep tissue. Now there is a vacuum cupping machine that has replaced all programs in a traditional beauty salon. It can be used from head to toe. For example, lifting face and relieving eye bags, black eyes, shoulder flaws, and saggy breasts and buttocks. Moreover, it can slim the body, reduce weight, detox lymph, lift buttocks, and enlarge the breast. The machine replaces manual services like scrapping therapy, pressing, cupping, massage, dredge acupoints, channels, and collaterals. It uses an air pump to generate suction. The one suction and one release can adjust suction and release time and intensity. It’s safer, easier, and more effective to operate, and it asks for no injection, medication, or surgery and has no side effects. This machine can carry out dynamic vacuum suction and release to breasts or buttocks and effectively penetrate breasts or buttocks, dredging and relieving blockage. Thus, it enlarges and lifts the buttocks.


Can a vacuum therapy machine enlarge buttocks?

Yes. The answer is positive. The vacuum cupping machine acts on the body with the vacuum. It utilizes the internal vacuum of the machine to suck up the hips, which produces a rhythmed vacuum inside the hips and lifts them, achieving buttock enlargement. The vacuum inside the cup can congest local blood capillaries, stimulate organs, enhance cell vitality, promote functional activity, and boost body immunity. The vacuum’s mechanical stimulation is transmitted to the central nervous system through reflecting channels, regulating neural activity and balancing it. During treatment, suction and release and increased and vanished vacuum constantly keep local pores open and closed, promote skin breathing, enhance oxygen absorption, and speed up wastes removal. It warms and dredges channels, promotes qi to activate blood, reduces and dissipates phlegm, reduces swelling, relieves internal heat, and drives out evil spirits. With the combined use of massage, it dredges blood, drives blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the buttocks, stimulates hypophysis cerebri to secrete female hormones, reinforces hips’ connective tissue, and enlarge and lift buttocks.


What are the contraindications for vacuum cupping therapy?

  1. Those with hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, or heart disease.
  2. Women in pregnancy or lactation.
  3. Those whose surgical wounds are healing or in recovery.
  4. Those with epilepsy, severe diabetes, or hyperthyroidism.
  5. Those with malignant tumors, hemophilia, or severe bleeding.
  6. Those with skin disease or infectious disease.
  7. Those with severe gynecological diseases.
  8. Those whose gynecological diseases are under treatment.
  9. Those show the signs of lymph cancer or cancer.
  10. Those who are too weak.
  11. Those who are drunk, thirsty, overworked, fasting, or with a full stomach.


The contrast photos of the arms before and after a vacuum therapy.

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