12-INCH Three Spectrum Scalp Hair Detection And Skin Analysis Machine

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Model: PS-11V6

Technical parameter

1. 12-inch display
2. HD lens:50x , 200x
3. Voltage: 100V-240V

Product Feature

1. Equipped with dual lenses, a 50x lens, and a 200x lens, it uses three light sources (standard white light, cross-polarized light, and ultraviolet light) to detect the surface layer, dermis, hair follicles, and pores of the skin or scalp.
2. Zoom in on local hair to observe the growth and distribution of hair, the density and diameter of hair, and the condition of hair follicles and scalp.
3. More complete functions, including storage function, split-screen display function, etc.

Accessories list

50x HD lens*1,

200x HD lens*1,

detection handle*1,

power cord*1,

remote control*1

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