5 in 1 Wood Therapy Massager Tools Kit

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They are the most effective wooden therapy massage tools and give you a deep tissue muscle massage.

Model: OT-AC294 + OT-AC295

The Contouring Board with various kinds of arc edges is used to contour the body while assisting in the removal of excess fat through the lymphatic system. It drains water and facilitates the reconstruction of mobilized wastes and fats. It tightens and tones the skin.

Model: OT-AC296

This unique wood cup will provide two massages at one time, making a therapeutic effect with movements that suction fat from areas of the body where the fat has already been broken down by transferring the fat to the lymph glands.

Model: BM-11V1 

The massage sticks are evenly distributed on the curved surface will give you a more effective massage. It is used to assist in the reduction of cellulite and assist in tightening and toning areas where the skin is a bit loose.

Model: OT-AC205

Provide better fascia release and connective tissue penetration. Our massage sticks are fit for stretching and breaking up fascia (fascial adhesions), trigger point massage,soft tissue therapy and so much more!

Package Listing:

1* Wood Swiss Cup

1* Mushroom Massager

1* Engraved Roller Stick

2* Contouring Board

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