Deepba 448khz+20khz Cet Ret Rf Ecar Therapy 3 Pole Rf Cellulite Reduction Machine

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Product introduction and working principle

CET principle

CET is a constant temperature at the epidermis, and deep-radio heating is the core technology to ensure the skin is comfortable and not damaged. Then, the cap is used to generate thermal energy conduction, which can directly reach the deep layer of the skin and stimulate the rapid movement of ions and charged colloidal particles in the body. Or vibrate, Capricorn generates heat, and at the same time, under the action of polar molecular resonance technology, heats the collagen tissue of the dermis. When the thermal energy of the deep collagen tissue reaches 45 °C-60 °C, it naturally produces immediate contraction, stimulates the secretion of more new collagen to fill the gaps of the atrophic and lost collagen, and rearranges and reconstructs the soft stent of the skin. Ultimately achieves firming of the skin, filling wrinkles, restoring skin elasticity and shine.

RET principle

RET high-frequency instrument is a weight-loss instrument that projects high-frequency energy into the human body, generates deep heat from the skin and skin layer, and decomposes body fat, thereby achieving weight loss. When the high-frequency current is energized to the human body, the vibration amplitude is very small, so that ion motion is hardly generated, and no electrochemical reaction or electrical decomposition occurs. If the high frequency is transmitted to the human body, the human tissue will heat up. This is because when a high-frequency current is applied to the human body, whenever the current changes direction, the molecules that make up the tissue will vibrate and will rub against each other to perform rotational motion, distortion, and collisional motion. This molecular motion will cause human body tissue to generate heat. This heat is called deep heat.


1. Promote blood circulation, improve metabolism and immunity
2. Regulate endocrine, improve sleep, and relieve fatigue
3. Relieve and heal various parts of the body, such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, frozen shoulder, etc.
4. Facial lifting, improving skin tone and slowing down facial aging
5. Improve body shape, reduce excess visceral fat, slim down and shape
6. Restore normal senses by relaxing muscles and cells
7. Helps in the early recovery of ligament sprains, muscle strains, muscle injuries and sports pain
8. Solve symptoms such as cold, low basal metabolism, and cold hands and feet.


1. High power, quick results, actual power can reach 2000W
2. Configure treatment heads for treating different areas to make treatment more convenient
3. Add a three-pole ball rolling grease handle to achieve better weightless shaping effect.
4. The temperature control system can monitor body temperature in real-time and issue alarms
5. The handle feels better and eliminates tip discharge


Voltage: AC220 ~ 230V 50 / 60Hz □
Power: 550va
Fuse specification: fl5x20 3.15a with buffer
Executive standard: gb4706.1-2005

Packing list

1. Mainframe
2. RET work handle
3. CER work handle
4. Negative plate
5. 3R handle
6. CET electrode head 30, 60, 80
7. RET electrode head 30,60,80
8. Electrode head housing 30,60,80
9. Deepba-3s working head large and small
10. Fascia knife
11. Power cord

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