Dermabrasion Microcurrent BIO Photon for Skin Care

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Ultrasonic Bio Galvanic Facial Beauty Machine For Spa Skin Tightening

dermabrasion facial


Double deep cleanse-dermabrasion
Dermabrasion adopts diamond crystals that have been processed specially to ill skin, and use vacuum suction to remove necrotic cells from the skin as well as remove the deep waste and dirty of the pore, help skin double cleansing and promote the growth of new skin.

Microcurrent & Photon for Skincare
The energy of irradiation can promote cells growth by 5 times, through starting cytochrome, it can promote the transformation of dextrose into ATP and increase the energy of cells' metabolization in order to stimulate the production of more collagen protein. Different lights have a different impact on skin.

Curative Effect:

1). Red: Vitalize be suitable for any skin, promote blood circulation, and regenerate collagen protein in order to smooth skin and heal xerodermia, exuviation, degenerate losing hair, and folliculitis.
2). Blue: Calm is suitable for sensitive, oil, and comedo skin-diminish and eliminates acne bacillus to remove acne, whelk, promote to compound protein with ossein, activate the skin, tighten slack skin and gravidity winkle.
3). Green: Balance Normalize sebaceous glands, Reduce blackheads and sores, balance moisture.
4). Purple: Drain Renew skin, reduce wrinkles
5). Orange: Brighten whiten decompose pigment and smooth scars
6). Turquoise: Defense strengthen the ability to protect the skin, calm down, release stress,
7). White: Guide guide skin to absorb nutrients and anti-aging

Microcurrent-safe and painless facial help erase fine lines and wrinkles while firming your
skin and defining your features. It improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, increases cellular I 'activity, and tightens pores.


1. Ultrasonic handles for face cleaning and nutrition introduction
2.Microdermabrasion for face peeling function
3.BIO photon wrinkle removal: smooths out laughing lines, fine lines, and wrinkles

4. Magic Gloves for tightening your face muscle


-Skin cleaning and nutrition introduction system
-Special for oily skin, acne scars skin, dry skin, sagging skin
-Can treat blackhead, large pore, comedone, pore blocked, oily skin, etc
Skin tightening
Double deep cleanse-dermabrasion
BIO photon wrinkle removal

Package Included

Point Ultrasound handle purple x1
1MHZ ultrasound  handlex1
Magic gloves x1pair
Microcurrent and photon handle x 1
Skin scrubber x 1
Power supply x1(We offer 100-240V, AU/EU/UK/AU plug)

diamond dermabrasion treatment

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