New Elight YAG Permanent Hair Removal RF Skin Lifting Rejuvenation Acne Removal Machine

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Model: HR-TX005

Professional SHR E-light IPL Hair Remover Freckle Removal RF Skin Lifting Spa Salon Beauty Equipment

Hair Removal


Elight YAG Hair Removal , Pigment Removal

RF Skin Tightening Rejuvenation, wrinkle Removal

What Is IPL YAG laser Hair Removal Machine?

Spots Acne Hair Removal

The principle of IPL using the energy of intense pulsed light ,which can remove excess hair from the body's local skin. When performing hair removal surgery, ipL generates the energy of impulse light to absorb the hair follicle pigment of the dermis, and the heat energy destroys and crushes the hair follicle tissue to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. During the course of treatment, the collagen fibers of the skin can be altered, the elastic fibers of the skin can be repaired, wrinkles can be removed, and the skin's original elasticity can be restored. After finishing hair loss treatment, I want to soak the skin and prevent the production of melanin.

NDYAG laser hair removal
Long pulse width NDYAG laser, deep penetration, long pulse width, wide range of energy densities, suitable for all types of skin except hair loss in gray hair patients. High energy density on the face, neck if acceptable, small dark energy density if appropriate, depending on the treatment process, patient's skin type, hair color, hair density, treatment site to choose appropriate parameters , Use long pulse width, big flare, therapeutic effect is excellent many times, you can get better clinical therapeutic effect and side effects even if not too much, it is an effective and safe hair removal method.

What Are The Main benefits of Laser RF Machine?

Hair removal:  body hair removal 
Freckle removal:  such as spots, age spots, acne, and facial spots
Tighten skin:  improvement of  pores, rough skin, fine wrinkles, restore skin elasticity
Wrinkle reduction:  anti wrinkles, anti-aging, look more younger.
Improve dark complexion, make skin fair and even, be more beautiful
Effectively remove eyebrows, tattoos, lines, lip lines.
Treatment of senile spot, birthmark, nevus, and other pigmentation skin lesions and mixed pigmentation.

Package Listing

Main machine   1 PCS
HR handpiece    1 PCS
SR handpiece     1 PCS
RF handpiece for skin rejuvenation    1 PCS
ND YAG laser handpiece for hair removal     1 PCS
Power line     1 PCS
Blinder use for customers    1 PCS
Protective Glasses for conductors     1 PCS
Water-injected funnel     1 PCS
Protective tube   2 PCS
Key     2 PCS
Handpiece holder

Beauty Equipment

Skin Lifting

Acne Removal


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