Pro 755/808/1064nm Diode Laser Painless Permanent Body Face Hair Removal Device

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Model: HR-808R

Professional Design 755 808 1064nm Diode Laser Painless Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Hair Removal Device


Using the principle of selective photothermal action, a certain degree of 755/808/1064NM laser irradiation is applied to the hair follicles. After the laser irradiation, the hair follicle stem cells are destroyed, and the hair follicles no longer grow hair, or grow thin and soft hairs. The purpose of using hair removal machine is to have the effect of skin rejuvenation while removing hair.

Treatment Range

Armpits, forehead, chin, beard, chest, back, legs, arms, bikini

Product Configuration

-High-power handle
Ultra-high power laser and short pulse width greatly improve the comfort and treatment effect, ensuring faster, more comfortable and effective hair removal.

-Coherent laser
The corrugated pipe has good toughness, long service life and is not easy to deform.

-Self-locking interface
The handle is an anti-falling self-locking interface, which can prevent the handle from falling off and leaking, and intelligently monitor if it is loose.

The 12.4-inch Divine super luxury touch screen, anti-UV glare, stable quality, and trustworthy.

-PP filter
The first stage uses PP cotton to filter out impurities and prevent corrosion.
Ion filter
The second stage uses a special ion filter to filter out metal ions, avoid internal laser corrosion and extend the life of the system.

-Rotomolding water tank
5L capacity integrated, safe and durable

-Brushless DC water pump
Stable performance, low noise, long life

-Electronic cooler
Fast cooling, constant temperature cooling to ensure machine operation

-Control panel
Independent research and development, after-sales guarantee, can be customized

-MEAN WELL switching power supply
Long service life, low failure rate, safe and secure

Machine Design

-Hydropower separation structure
Water and electricity are completely separated, even if the machine has water leakage, the circuit will not be damaged.

-Easy maintenance design
The rear cover of the machine is disassembled to replace all electronic circuit boards to ensure easy after-sales.

TEC Constant Temperature Cooling System

The instrument is equipped with a TEC refrigeration system and an intelligent temperature monitoring sensor

-Ensure that the instrument can run continuously for 24 hours
-Ensure that the temperature of the light outlet of the handle is constant at 4 degrees Celsius to ensure the comfort of treatment


-Wavelength: 755/808/1064nm
-Spot area: 10x12mm
-Handle length: 1.8M
-Handle weight: 1.2KG
-Pulse frequency: 1-10Hz
-Pulse width: 30-400ms
-Laser power: 600/1200W
-Screen size: 12.4 inches
-Voltage: 220/110V 50/60Hz
-Machine size: 100*42*48cm
-Packing size: 56*55*126cm

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