Pro Toy-block 408 LEDs PDT LED Photon Photodynamic Beauty Machine IR Healing

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Pro Toy-block 408 LEDs PDT LED Photon Photodynamic Beauty Machine IR Healing


Customizable Toy-block myChway new design 408 LEDs PDT LED photon 4 colors facial therapy skin healing IR heat treatment beauty equipment help you have a wonderful journey


- Inclusive-customize width, connect boards as you please.
- Convenient- Save space, fold or stack as you please.
- Worry-free, Simplistic after-sale, replace boards as you please.
- Efficient-combine 4 colors & IR as you please.
- Customizable-Whole body coverage builds fun stuff


Pro Toy-block 408 LEDs PDT LED photon photodynamic beauty machine IR healing provides 7 treatment plans take care of 11 skin problems!
- Remove wrinkle&refirming
- Diminish inflammation&allergy
- Oil control&shrink pore
- Fade acne mark&skin rejuvenation


Input is divided into 110 and 220v (dip switch to adjust switching power supply)
Total power: 165w (5 light boards)
No light power: 10w (screen, fan, circuit)
Monochromatic lamp :
Red light: 65W 75mw / cm2
Infrared: 40W 64mw / cm2
Yellow: 38W 40mw / cm2
Blue: 35W 48mw / cm2
Green: 20W 36mw / cm2
The number of single light boards:
 Red light 108
Yellow 108
Infrared 112
Greenlight: 40
Blue lights: 40
Total: 408

LED Photon Photodynamic Beauty

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