5 In 1 Ultrasonic Body Cavitation Fat Burner Facial Skin lifting Body Shaping Machnie

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Model: MS-23S5

New 5in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Vacuum Weight Loss RF Radio Frequency Skin Care Machine 

cavitation 2.0


Body Shaping, fat burning, cellulite removal

Skin Tightening and promotion of  skin elasticity , skin rejuvenation and lifting

Wrinkle Removal , anti-aging

Treatment Area:  the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, abdominal muscles and  body figure reshaping

Painless treatment, non-invasive

How Does it work?

The 40KHZ strong wave generated by it will act on the body, violently hit the cells, causing friction between the fat cells, which will consume calories and make the fat cells smaller. In addition, under strong impact and wave vibration, a large number of fat cells will immediately explode, and eventually the number of fat cells will be significantly reduced.

What Are The Benefits You Can Get ?

 -Treatment areas: body and face, facial care, body sculpting
-Ultrasonic 40KHZ is suitable for most people, fat burning, weight loss

-The combination of red light and radio frequency accelerates the coagulation of tissues and prevents muscle relaxation after weight loss, that is, skin lifting after weight loss.

-Non-invasive, effective, no recovery period

How Does differernt handle work?

This machine with total 5 handles, multifunctional one
1. 40 k

- Treatment Area: Body
- Function

1.) Remove fat effectively through blasting the fat cells

2). Make the size of fat cells smaller

2.Body RF,body vacuum &rf

-Treatment Area: Body

- Function:

1). Promote metabolism and masage your body
2). Fat dissolving, body shaping and skin tightening

-Treatment Area : Face,

1. Promote collagen regeneration
2. Restore skin elasticity and gloss
3. Skin tightening and firmnig

Package List

Main Machine    1 pcs
Ultrasound Cavitation&RF Body Shape Handle     1 pcs
Suction&RF Body Sculpture Handle          1 pcs
sextupole body rf handle        1 pcs
Bipolar rf handle       1 pcs
sextupole face handle        1 pcs
Holder     1 pcs


slimming machine

skin lifting

skin tightennig

skin firming

fat loss

cavitation machine

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