Body Gua Sha Scrape Therapy Machine Vacuum Suction Detox Massager Beauty Machine

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Model: BE-AYM18A

This product can quickly clear the lymphatic vessels and meridians in various parts of the body, thus reducing weight and beauty. The raised acupoint massage forms a fine interval to squeeze the cellulite, dispels the hard fat, and effectively eliminates the cellulite tissue, improving all kinds of sub-health in all directions.


Safety: The aluminum alloy material is safe and stable, reduces skin irritation, is antibacterial, and reduces bacterial growth and anti-allergic effects.

Promoting effect: The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy material is 14 times that of ordinary metal material, which can better promote the body's thermal circulation and dredge the meridians.

Dredge the meridians: Massage to relax the body and improve sub-health.

Maintain a strong physique: relax the body and effectively strengthen body.


Product name: Gua Sha detoxification instrument for the human body

Suction gear: 3 gears

Product material: ABS plastic, titanium alloy tip

Product weight: about 1KG

Input voltage: 100-240V

Product function: Gua Sha, suction, dredge meridian, can be heated, full body massage

Tip size: large diameter: 7.4cm, medium diameter: 5.4cm, small diameter: 3.4cm

Package including:

1x packing box

1x host

1xUSB cable

3x Gua Sha head

1x manual

18x cotton

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