Breast Enlargement Lymph Detox Vacuum Equipment

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6 IN 1 40k Cavitation Machine RF Slimming Lipo Laser Machine

Model: DT-BS001N

80k Cavitation Fat Burning

The 80k cavitation body contour machine can generate ultrasonic waves that strongly affect the cells, and make them explode immediately, resulting in a fat-removing effect.

Vacuum for Breast/butt Lifting

The vacuum pump absorbs fat particles and fluid, and penetrates into the breast tissue and cells, causing the breast to enhance.

Packing list

1 x main machine

3 pairs of cups for breast

3 pairs of cups for cupping

6 Pairs of gas cups for scrub

5 x Metal Fingertip cups for rhythm massage

2 x shots connecting tubes

1 x long connecting tubes

1 x power line

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