Professional Medical Dual Mode Alternating Focused Composite Electromagnetic Beauty Technology Acne

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Dual Mode Alternating Focused Composite Electromagnetic Beauty Technology Acne


SR-BRF can take the initiative to complete the activation energy of skin cells, stimulate the skin collagen regeneration, repair damaged skin tissue;Through a lot of filling water at the same time, the aging of cells recovered to healthy young state, solve the problem of wrinkles and sagging.In addition, it also can solve the problem of bulky pore, sensitive skin,  acne, skin problems, skin color, skin aging, make the skin becomes smooth, delicate, white, tender, bright green vigor.

Six Major Curative Effect 

1. Replenishing water, positioning balance
2. Restrain acne propionic acid bacillus
3.Rapid desensitization, improve allergic skin
4.Improve dull and yellow skin, quickly restore skin watery and truth
5. Activate skin cell vitality, stimulate the skin collagen regeneration
6. Rapid eye week living cells vitality, speed slow eye age, shed the panda eye

Three Kinds of Technology

SR-BRF adopts the global initiative, the world's only "military turn civilian nuclear technology" (also is a kind of magnetoelectricity technology).Using hierarchical treatment (make subcutaneous tissue heating speed without any discomfort, no traditional instruments electric hemp and pain.)And quickly solve the problem of tissue damage point (through the field of alternating principle to make tissue repair quickly)

Three kinds of technology
1 Emergency Response:
The ultrashort wave radio frequency electric field form cylindrical focusing in the depth of the skin around 2.6 ~ 3 mm (to make it as firm as the foundation ), the dermal tissue after strong impact damaged and capillaries which has been stimulated will think in mistake for tissue has injured , then will send the the signal for heal help , dermal tissue can produce a large amount of collagen, the collagen molecules gradually combined into an orderly collagen, so as to achieve the effect of firming wrinkles.

2 Ionization infiltration:
Ultrashort wave electric field can change the membrane cross-section point distribution, influence the membrane surrounding electrons and ions concentration, thus improving the permeability of cell membrane, the water of the cell membrane by ultrashort wave electric field ion channel is opened quickly, strengthen cell permeability.In ultrashort wave form at the same time the focus under the action of gravity and magnetic field on the epidermis of ionized water and nutrition it easily penetrate into dermal tissue.

3 Fat Dissolve Response
When the magnetoelectric effect on skin, hypodermic and adipose and muscle tissue heating is the ratio of 8:1. Adipose tissue after absorbing energy by softening, contraction, decomposition, make the skin tight and elastic.

Five Problems Can Be Resolved 

1 Wrinkle Removal
The formation of wrinkles: the loss of collagen
When ultrashort wave waveform fous on the subcutaneous tissue around 3 mm, strongly impact dermal tissue,thus capillaries which has been stimulated will think in mistake for tissue has injured , then will send the the signal for heal help , dermal tissue can produce a large amount of collagen, the collagen molecules gradually combined into an orderly collagen, so as to achieve the effect of firming wrinkles.

2 Sensitive Treatment
The formation of sensitive : "histamine" also called "histamine.
SR-BRF use the way of inhibiting the synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein in skin tissue, thus inhibiting the generation and release of histamine, to reduce the skin sensitive.
(the current clinical application is limited to: cosmetics allergy, solar sex allergy, seasonal allergies, encounter cold heat, hormone dermatitis)

3 Acne Removal
The cause of acne: endocrine disorders, eating too greasy, pollution of the environment (air, water, noise, soil, etc.), make the skin in a state of tension of defense, skin's metabolism is slow, resulting in decreased skin resistance, induce the formation of acne
Acne is caused by the human body's endocrine disorder of an illusion, make subcutaneous circular channels blocked, so skin is unable to metabolism, Acne belongs to a kind of nerve of blain type of bacteria.
SR-BRF quickly opens water ion channels of skin, reduce circulation channels which is unblocked or blocking, greatly strength the metabolism of bacteria, so the fungus to death,acne is removed

4.Acne vulgaris
The formation of acne: excessive sebum secretion;Hair follicles Angle anomaly;Clog pores;Excessive reproduction acne propionic acid bacillus;(environment, undeserved cosmetics , lack of sleep, basked in excessive ultraviolet ray , etc.)
Acne vulgaris is a kind of "anaerobic bacteria"
When high frequency electric field focus on the subcutaneous tissue, prompte the capillary tissue expand up to 5 ~ 8 times, accelerate the blood flow and increases oxygen level, thus change the living conditions of the acne, prevent the secretion of sebaceous glands (fat), make the acne propionic acid bacillus food been cut off, so as to achieve an antiseptic sterilization effect.

5 Moisturizing
Why the skin lack of water ?
Subimbibition , lack of maintenance, cleaning excessively , especially daytime ultraviolet, aging, smoke too much, lack of sleep caused by dry environment;the skin may lack of water by air conditioning, ultraviolet, and a severe environment away moisture.(that is, air conditioning, environmental pollution, seasons change of temperature and pressure, and skin aging, a sluggish metabolism factors resulting in the loss of skin moisture. When this time we need to give the skin a large number of filling wate
Our SR-BRF can be focused in the subcutaneous about 3 mm,form the focal plane ;Gathered by the gravitational field, the external moisture and nutrition will be fastly separated and form smaller volume, smaller become smaller, thus volume of a cell will be stimulated amd increased to 5 ~ 8 times , the cell spacing between widening, make water ion channels quickly opened and let moisture and nutrition can quickly be absorbed, penetrated, the metabolites of ion channel, the attachment in water metabolism, and the body deep moisturizing effect.


1. High strength and energy transmission lines, ergonomic handle, personalised treatment head
2. Internationalization of intelligent management system, high-definition color touch screen, humanized design, easy to operate;
3. Double extremely high frequency, focus technology, shield type installed, high-energy wind cooling system layout, stable performance, high safety, efficacy significantly.
4. Double system stratification treatment mode, no pain operation, comprehensive energy equilibrium, no downtime after clinical recovery, does not affect the work and life

 Package List

1 x main machine
1 x 1# probe ( Penetration 1~1.5mm)
1 x 2# probe (Penetration 2~2.5mm)
1 x 3# probe (Penetration 3~4mm)
1 x 4# probe (Penetration 5~6mm)
1 x Power Cord
1 x holder

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