Indrared Heating Vibration Slimming Shaping Fat Burner Detox Body Care Fat Loss

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New Slimming Belt Indrared Body Detox Warming Vibration Slimming Product Home Use


The biological effect of far-infrared rays can emit 8-12 microns of far-infrared energy. The far-infrared rays have the function of radiation and penetration, and can penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue 3-5cm to accelerate the movement and burning of fat.
The far-infrared massage belt makes the body fat move up


1. Slimming, detoxification, massage, slimming
2. Manual massage
3. Enhance digestion and relieve gastrointestinal diseases caused by stress
4. Promote blood circulation at the contact point, relieve muscle fatigue


Frequency: 50HZ
Power: 60W
Modes:3 modes of vibration; 3 modes of heating

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