Professional IPL Radio Frequency RF Hair Removal Wrinkle Removal Beauty Equipment

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High Quality IPL Radio Frequency Hair Removal Anti Wrinkle Beauty Machine


1. IPL Hair Removal Machine

2. Removing wrinkles, rejuvenating skin

3. acne, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, hair removal

What Is  IPL Radio Frequency Hair Removal Machine?

Renewal IPL Radio Frequency Hair Removal Rejuvenating acne and Wrinkle Removal Cosmetic Machine ,IPL, RF, and epidermis cooling. It combines the advantage of IPL and RF, in one hand, the skin absorbs IPL energy selectively, and the skin also absorbs RF energy, on the other hand, the RF-surface-touch cooling technology removing the discomfort and complications by high heat of IPL. Therefore, the effect and safety of E-light makes a breakthrough.

Operation Range

1. Tender Skin
2. Freckles,chloasma.senile removal
3. Pigment removal: red blood silk, erythema, acne, rosacea,etc.
4. Hair Removal: armpit hair, hairline, beard, whiskers ,lip hair, body hair,bikini hair or any other unwanted hair.

What Are The Characteristics?

1. It has powerful adsorption function ,which can reduce the density of melanin in epidermis and hemoglobin in dermal papillary layer,finally weakening the absorption of light by epidermis. It aims focus on high energy density of light on target tissue, greatly improving the effect of action.
2. Operation result is obviously enhanced on clinic,and the various skin problems like wrinkle and telangiectasia are greatly improved.
3. Adapting to the wider population,safe to all kinds of skin types,it also can be used for the Operation of skin Type IV and skin type V.
4.Easy operation, just only need to adjust the energy of IPL and RF individually.
5.Pre-cooling to the epidermis, this can result in temperature difference between epidermis and dermis,the energy lunched by RF act on the pre-warmed aimed-tissue(such as veins,hair follicles,melanin,etc.),so as to achieve the best RF penetration effect.




1. 480nm for age spots, sun spots, pigmentation troubles
2. 560nm for Skin rejuvenation;
3. 640nm for hair removal;


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