Peneelily Hydro Facial Clean Blackhead Removal Skin Scrubber Acne Removal Machine

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Model: SR-AF1323

Peneelily Hydro Facial Clean Skin Rejuvenation Pore Removal Beauty Machine

facial care


Deep pore cleaning, acne removal

Promote the essence absorption

Blackheads Removal

Grease and dirt removal

Anti wrinkles, anti aging

Repair skin, shrink pores

Open the pores, absorb nutrients quickly

What Is Peneelily-New Technology For Skin Rejuvenation?

Peneelily is a 6-in-1 multifunctional deep facial cleansing machine, which includes Hydro, small bubbles, hot and cold hammer, Bio with photon, oxygen spray, and skin scrubber. It can help you to achieve the effects of removing blackheads, acne, pores, skin rejuvenation, and facial care.

Hydro & Oxygen Sprayer

1.Hydro Facial Probe
It uses vacuum negative pressure to form a vacuum circuit, which can fully combine the ultra-fine bubbles with the nutrient solution, and directly contact the skin through the specially designed spiral tip, which can promote the peeling effect. Negative pressure: It is lower than normal pressure. The use of negative pressure is very common in our lives and has a great effect. People often make a certain part of the space appear negative pressure, it is the overall pressure difference to achieve the desired effect. For example: when people are breathing, the lungs will be in a negative pressure state when they are in a state of expansion, a pressure difference is formed between the inside and outside of the lungs, and fresh air will eventually be pressed into the lungs. In the same way, the small bubble cleaning also uses this principle to deeply remove impurities, dirt, acne, mites, blackheads, and grease, thereby cleaning the face.

Oxygen Sprayer
It uses the strong pressure of oxygen and water to spray out molecular particles smaller than 80 microns in the form of a spray stream and act on the skin, and quickly penetrate into the deep layer of the skin, accelerating the better absorption of skin nutrients. The strong pressure penetrates into the skin pores and skin cracks, promotes cell regeneration, quickly provides sufficient nutrition to the skin, and removes impurities in the deep layer of the epidermis to achieve facial cleansing. High-pressure oxygen and nutrient solution can regenerate the fibrous tissue of the dermis, promote metabolism, achieve moisturizing and skin rejuvenation effects, and make you look 10 times younger.

Skin Scrubber & Hot Cold Hammer

Skin scrubber

The skin scrubber uses the working principle of high-frequency ultrasound, which can emit 28,000 mechanical vibrations per second, which has a significant penetration effect on human skin. When it encounters water, it will atomize into small bubbles under the action of ultrasonic cavitation. Through continuous vibration, small air bubbles penetrate into the skin pores, decomposing the acne, blackheads and other garbage in the pores into small particles. Through high-frequency vibration and ultrasonic vibration, the small particles reach the skin surface. It can remove sebum and secretions, and at the same time sterilizes, removes garbage in the facial hair follicles, decomposes oil, tightens pores, cleans and smooths the skin, and enables you to achieve the role of facial care.

Hot and cold hammer

It uses the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. When your skin is allergic and painful, it reduces the metabolism when the skin reaches 5 degrees Celsius, slows down the sensitivity of nerve endings, and plays a certain role in inhibiting pain and swelling. A temperature of 5 degrees Celsius will constrict blood vessels and cause pores to shrink, which can improve pores, tighten the skin, and remove facial wrinkles and crow's feet.

Bio with Photon & Ultrasonic Probe

Bio with Photon
It mimics the bioelectricity of the human body and enters the facial muscle cells through the skin to stimulate the energy ATP contained in the cells to provide energy for the muscles and the body; the permeability of the cells is 30%-40% higher than usual, making the human body more Good absorption of nutrients, water, blood oxygen content, etc., while expelling facial waste and toxins as soon as possible; making the synthesis of muscle fibers 68% higher than usual, keeping the skin soft, firm, and shiny, looking 10 times younger: collagen The protein synthesis level is increased by 73%, which can reduce wrinkles, make the skin softer, more elastic, more rosy, and look younger and more energetic

Ultrasonic Probe
Using the principle of high-frequency vibration, a high-frequency vibration wave of 28000 Hz/sec is emitted, which penetrates 4-6 mm into the subcutaneous tissue. Ultrasound has high energy and strong penetrating power, which can make facial cells vibrate, not only can output pore oil, but also can change cell volume to improve blood circulation, improve the ability of cell regeneration, and make the skin softer and more elastic. Secondly, its high-frequency vibration principle can also produce a warming effect, and quickly introduce the beauty nutrient solution into the skin, so that it can better absorb the nutrients in the skin care products.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 110V-220V
Power: >45w
Vacuum 0--65cmHg
Clean Tank Capacity: 300ml
Waste Tank Capacity: 600ml

Package List

 Main machine   1 pcs
Hydro facial probe   1 pcs
Ultrasonic probe    1 pcs
Hot and cold hammer    1pcs
Skin scrubber     1 pcs
Bio with photon probe   1 pcs
Oxygen sprayer  1 pcs
Power cord  1 pcs
Filter    1 pcs
Holder for Probes 1 pcs
Waste bottle   1 pcs
Clean bottle                          2 pcs

acne removal

facial cleaning

skin repair

anti wrinkle

face care machine

hydro tips

blackhead removal

Peneelily Hydro

skin rejuvenation

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