Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Facial Device

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New Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Facial Device

Skin Rejuvenation


1) Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy photon release about 400nm-2000nm wave-length(can immediately visible light and little part of infrared light mix and become)
2) Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy photon has advantage more than the sun light ,because it does not contain untraviolent light ,will not tan and burn a skin , will not lead with the result that skim cancer , and do not bring injury to eyes
3) Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy light also has advantage more than the laser ,because its wave-length ratio laser long,sopierce through the dint ratio laser geniality , but pulse seven colorful kinetic energy are unlike laser geniality, but pulse seven colorful kinetic energy are inlike laser concentration only at 1:00, It can with geniality of the energies overlay more wide treatment scope
4) Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy light contain small quantity infrared light, will raise skin temperature slightly surname1-3 degrees, very safe


1)red (R):
a, biological effects: stimulation of cells with enhanced viability, accelerated blood circulation;
b, treatment effect: the elimination of yellow face, wrinkles, premature skin acne; Canada Speed of blood circulation and promote the activation of skin tissue;
c, Application: any skin
2) green (G):
a, Biological effects: it is a natural color, a neutral and stable effect Between between the blue and yellow feature;
b, treatment effect: regulation of skin gland function, improve oily skin, blackheads , Acne, acne, etc.;
c, Application: oily skin.
3)blue light (B):
a, Biological effects: it is a cold, pure, deep, light, use will bring cool Feeling, you can parallel and concentrating the energy function and the red Instead of light;
b, treatment effect: to promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, the skin and shrink Loose skin;
c, Application: any skin.

3.Light classification

1)The sunlight includes a lot of lights of different wavelengths,there are infrared light,visible light,(imply red,orange,yellow,green,black,orchid,purple),ultraviolent light etc.
2)LCD figures seven colorful photon beautiful skin instruments chose to use seven kinds of colors in the natural rainbow light wave,is a skin reborn of medical treatment application technique.
3)seven kinds of color lights is different to skin reborn function because of different wave-length
(1) Red light(R) -activate(wave-length 640nm)
(2)Blue light(B)- slow(wave-length 480nm)
(3)Green light(G)-parallelism(wave-length 518nm)
(4)Purple ligh(R+B)t-drain(wave-length 640nm)
(5)The light (R+G)of huang protection (wave-length 590nm)
(6)The month is only green(G+B)-right (wave-length 640nm)
(7)White light(R+G+B)-ducting(wave-length 510nm)

4.Product parameters

Output frequency:10w
Output voltage:DC-24V


1) Promote the penetration and absorption of skin care products: Most of the active ingredients in skin care products are organic macromolecules. By using the high-frequency vibration of the ultrasonic wave, the larger maintenance components of the molecule can be refined, and the penetration force can be exerted, and the nutrients of the skin care product can be penetrated into the dermis layer of the skin to allow the skin to absorb more nutrients.
2) Help skin clean and improve skin metabolism: Ultrasonic power and energy are large. The action on the face can make the skin cells vibrate, produce a fine massage effect, change the cell volume, thereby improving the circulation of local blood and lymph, and enhancing Cell permeability, stimulating the nervous system and cellular function. By improving the metabolism and regenerative capacity of the tissue, it can stimulate the skin's metabolism to increase by 25% to 30%, so that the too old cuticle can be quickly metabolized, the face keratin is smooth and healthy, and the skin absorbs and enhances the skin's luster and elasticity.
3) Promote cell activation: Ultrasonic beauty instrument is the same as most photo-electric beauty instruments. It stimulates the collagen and elastin in the dermis, activates the skin cells, makes the skin look softer and more elastic, firm and elastic.

6.packages listing

1pc box
1pc Beauty Instrument
1pc Power adapter line

Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation

Photon Light

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