Portable Facial Steamer Mask Moisturizing Skin care Beauty Device Home Use

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Model: LT-110M

New Facial Mask Deep Moisturizing Cleasing  Beauty Device Home Use

skin care


1. Deep Moisturing replenishment

2. Tightening and lifting 

3. Anti -Aging and  wrinkles reduction

4. Facial skin care 

What Is The Facial Mask ?

It is a steamer mask beauty device home use ,which can do deep moisturizing, lift skin, anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. In addition, it is godd for making your facial skin more moisture, more lustrous, and make your face look younger.

How to Use The Facial Mask ?


First, turn on electricity

Second, you can press the power on button to turn on the beaty mask, the display will light up, and the icon on the screen will flash. When The mask is in the preheating process, you can select the working time and mode, and then the device will start to work after the preheating (time is 1 minute).

Third, working mode

1) Mode A: working for 5 seconds, stopping for 5 seconds

2) Mode B: working for 10 seconds, stopping for 10 seconds)

3) Mode C: work for 20 seconds, stop for 20 seconds

4) Mode D: work for 30 seconds, stop for 30 seconds)

Fourth, you can adjust the temperature (steam) by temp + / Temp -


Technical Parameter:

1. Controller Input Power:DC24V/3.0A
2. AC Adapter Input: AC 100V 240V, 60Hz/50Hz
3. AC Adapter Output: DC 24V/3.0A
4. Treatment Area: Facial
5. Material:ABS
6. Product Size:280*210*140mm

skin moisturing

skin cleasing

facial care

facial mask

beauty mask

home use mask



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