Portable No-Needle Ultrasonic Facial Skin Lifting Skin Rejuvenation Bio Beauty Machine

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Model: MS-65J1

No-Needle Mesotherapy Ultrasonic Photon Cold Hammer Skin Care Bio Massage Facial Machine


Skin Rejuvenation& Lifting

Cold Hammer Clam Down Skin

Ultrasonic Facial Skin Care

Bio For skin lifting, Eye Around Care

What Is This Facial Care Machine?

Ultrasonic facial
Ultrasonic beauty machine is for facial care, which has the function of skin firming and skin lifting, effectively activating cells, proliferating collagen, and making the skin smoother and more elastic. The fat-burning function of the ultrasonic beauty instrument can effectively promote the metabolism of your body, and lift skin.

EMS Photon for face lifting
It stimulates cellular vitality and strengthens facial muscles. Safe and soft, it can easily restore the natural balance, suitable for use in independent areas such as houses. It forms a perfect curve of the face.

Photon cold hammer
It can close skin pores. It softens the skin, removes sensitive skin, removes skin waste and toxins, strengthens collagen fibers, improves skin elasticity, and narrows pores.
Bio for eye around massage
It can remove fine lines and wrinkles, tone the skin, makes the skin firmer, and give the skin a youthful texture. Makes your muscles elastic. It promotes blood circulation, enhances skin repair, and can timely adjust damaged skin. It can strengthen muscles, regain youth on the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. It can stimulate subcutaneous cells and remove cutis laxa and wrinkles.

Package Listing

1x Ultrasonic facial handle
1x Quadrupole photon ems for face lifting
1x Photon cold hammer for skin rejuvenation
1x Eye bio handle


skin lifting

facial machine

Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Skin Tightening

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