2022 Newest Muscle Relax Joint Pain Relief Body Shaping Shockwave Machine

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Model:  WL-SW5

2022 Brand New Pain Relief Body Relaxing Shockwave Therapy Treatment Machine

shockwave therapy


1. Body massage and body muscle relaxing

2. Promotion of Blood Circulation and Metabolism 

3. Body shaping  cellulite reduction Treatment 

4. Body Slim, Cellulite Removal 

5. Body Pain Relief, body relaxation

What Is Shockwave Therapy Machine?

The shockwave therapy machine uses the principle of high pressure to make the water body explode to produce sound wave energy. The sound waves produced will be reflected by the reflector and concentrated into a high-energy shock wave, the energy of which is approximately one thousand times that of ultrasound. It has a physical impact on the human body and finally leads to the formation of microvessels, enabling it to have the function of tissue regeneration and repair. In addition, shock waves can promote the body's tissue metabolism and circulation; shock waves have the function of relieving pain and repairing tissues. If you have muscle health fascia disease or chronic pain caused by fractures that do not heal, when you use it, it will produce amazing results.

What Are The Advantages Of The Shockwave Therapy Machine?

1. Targetedly apply shock waves to body tissues, so the pressure on surrounding tissues is very small.
2. Excepting  the short-term effects of local anesthesia, your body is not burdened by drugs
3. The necessity of preventing surgical intervention and the possibility of related harm.

What Should We Pay Attention To?

1. Before using the machine, you can use a small amount of gel or other lubricant on the treatment part of your body, but not too much, or the lubricant may enter the working head.
2. Check the filter cup every day. If it is found to be full above the warning line, please clean it immediately to prevent damage to the machine.
3. The adapter is easy to wear, please replace it in time after using it for a period of time.
4. If the service life of the bullet iron pillar in the shock wave handle exceeds 2 million times, please replace it in time.


 1. Power Supply:110-220V
2. Power:300W
3. Gross Weight:15KG
4. Max Preload: 5000Shot
5. Frequency Setting: 1-21Hz
6. Energy Setting: 1-10Bar

Package List

 1.  Main Machine 1PCS
2. Handle  1PCS
3. Tips    9PCS

Anti-cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Reduction

Pain Relief

Body Relaxing

Body massage

Shockwave Therapy Treatment

2021 machine


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