Ultrasonic 40k Cavitation RF Skin Lifting Weight Loss Fat Removal Machine

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Model: MS-23S5SB

6 In 1 Ultrasonic 40K Body Vacuum RF Body Contouring BIO Facial Care 5Mw Laser Pads Slimming Machine

lipo laser machine


Sixpolar Photon RF Body Skin Lifting

Face RF Facial Lifting & Tightening

40k Cavitation Body Slimming Contouring 

Vacuum RF Body Scuipting Body Massage Skin Lifting

LED Laser Fat Loss Cellulite Removal Body Shaping

What Is The Principle Of The Ultrasonic Cavitation ?

Ultrasonic cavitation fat removal and slimming equipment uses the most advanced radio frequency technology, which can act on the deep fat body. Radio frequency positioning is accurate and can act on fat cells in specific locations. In an active state, the adipose tissue will generate frictional heat, which will increase the local temperature, excrete excess fat and toxins from the body through the sweat glands, enter the liver circulation and lymph, and finally achieve the amazing effect of removing fat.

Is The Cavitation And Led Slimming Safe

The scientificity is that different human tissues have different unique ultrasonic vibration frequencies, while the resonance frequency of ultrasonic waves is fixed in fat tissue, and ultrasonic waves with special wavelengths have a "cavitation effect." When the frequency of the ultrasonic waves emitted by the ultrasonic device matches the frequency of the fat cells, a resonance reaction occurs. Once this resonance reaction reaches a certain energy density, fat is completely emulsified, fat cells are destroyed, and weight is lost. Because the special wavelength ultrasound only recognizes fat cells, it has the huge advantages of destroying only fat cells, not damaging the skin, not damaging blood vessels and cells, normal nervous system, and more thorough weight loss.

Can Led Laser Really Remove Fat?

Yes, melting fat can remove excess fat from your body. To reach the goal of weight loss, it is laser heat effect technology that destroys the fat cell membranes in the body, liquefies fat, and metabolizes it in vitro. It stimulates the skin to produce collagen and improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Directed lipolysis lasers are an effective way to reduce fat. Utilizing the special decomposition function of the new generation laser directional lipolysis device, it emulsifies adipose tissue without damaging the skin, blood vessels and nerves, dissolves a large amount of fat and even emulsifies fat. After surgery, the skin regained elasticity and looked beautiful. Lasers can quickly melt fat and expel it from the body, stimulating the activity of collagen in the body, making the skin smoother, firmer, smoother and younger. Safe and risk-free.


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