Ultrasonic Cavitation 2.5 Vacuum RF Fat Reduction 30K Skin Tightening Machine

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Model: SD-45S2

S Shape 30K Cavitation2.5 Fat Reduction RF EMS Face Lift Body Slimming Machine



1.Suction & RF Skin Lifting

2.EMS&EL Electroporation Anti-aging

3.Ultrasound Cavitation RF Body Shaping

4.Suction&RF Body Contouring

What is S Shape Machine?

RF & Suction, EMS & EL, RF & Suction Body, and RF & Ultrasound are currently
the most popular equipment for improving looks, tightening, shaping body, and
fighting against aging. It can effectively replace all the facial and body care programs in
a beauty salon, operate easily, conveniently, and swiftly, and solve skin and body
problems for people pursuing beauty. Moreover, it works safely and effectively and
requires no injection, medication, or operation.

What Are The Advantages Of the S Shape Machine?

(1) The 4-in-1 multifunctional beauty equipment fixes facial and whole body care
(2) Ultrasonic waves powerfully blast and remove fat and have replaced and
surpassed liposuction, bringing good news to obese people.
(3) It has multiple handpieces, which can be changed per the body parts and
different requirements.
(4) One handpiece has various functions, a stronger radiofrequency, and a higher
and more well-distributed energy.
(5) The perfect match of ultrasonic waves and radiofrequency will address people's
concerns for weight reduction. It can tighten skin, increase skin elasticity, speed
up body metabolism, and strengthen the physique while reducing weight.
(6) It adopts the most advanced ultrasonic cavitation technique in the world. It's
painless and comfortable during treatment; it requires no convalescence or stay
and will not affect regular work and life after treatment.
(7) It has a broader treatment range and an evident effect.
(8)The handpiece conforms to ergonomic design and has a good grip; a bigger
handpiece can treat a larger area.

What Should We Pay Attention To After Treatment?

1.Keep warm, don't eat cold food, and avoid exposing to a windy environment and
catching a cold.

2.Take a shower after 4 to 6 hours.

3.Drink more warm water to replenish moisture and speed up metabolism.
4. Refuse to eat and drink too much and stay up late.
5.Avoid enjoying sauna or hot springs or doing strenuous exercise within seven
6. Wear long pants as much as possible after treatment, and avoid wearing
miniskirts and mini-shorts.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Ultrasound Cavitation 2.5 &RF Body Shape Handle
Ultrasound Cavitation
Frequency  30KHz
Power         50W
Frequency  5MHz
Power         85W

Suction& RF Body Sculpture Handle
Freqeuncy 5MHz
Power         85W
Vacuum     <-80kPa
Pressure    >250kPa
Air flow     >10L/minute
Noise level <70dB (30cm away)

Suction&RF Facial Slimming Handle
Freqeuncy 5MHz
Power        85W
Vacuum   <-80kPa
Pressure  >250kPa
Air flow   >10L/minute
Noise level  <70dB (30cm away)
Power  20W

EMS&EL (Electroporation) Facial Anti-aging Handle
Freqeuncy 4.5KHz
Power 10W
EL (Electroporation)
Freqeuncy 65Hz
Power 10W

Net Weight     7.60kg
Gross Weight  25.08kg
Dimensions   490x390x300 (mm)
Input Power   AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption  MAX 150W
Display :Touch Screen 

Package Listing

1.S-SHAPE Main Machine      1PCS
2.Suction& RF Facial Slimming Handle   1PCS
3.EMS& EL (Electroporation) Facial Anti-aging Handle   1PCS
4.Ultrasound Cavitation&RF Body Shape Handle    1PCS
5.Suction&RF Body Sculpture Handle   1PCS
6.Power Supply Cord ( Both 110v and 220v voltage (frequency: 50/60Hz) version are available.  Also
we stock the USA, UK, AU, EU plug to suit for the country all over the world.)    1PCS
7.Holder   1PCS

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