Unoisetion Cavitation 40k RF Slimming Machine

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5IN1 40k Unoisetion Cavitation RF Slimming Machine

Cavitation Slimming Machine


This is a 5 in 1 multi-functional body face treatment beauty equipment, performs pretty well on body fat reduction cellulite removal, and face skin tightening firming anti-wrinkle fine line removal. One of the special features is radiofrequency (RF) suction probe comes with 3 different size replacement heads, the user will replace it as you like.


- FDA Approved 5 In 1 cavitation RF vacuum slimming machine, which provides a non-invasive and non-surgical body contouring procedure.
- Advanced Unoisetion cavitation 2.0 technique with a stable 40KHz ultrasonic fat burning effect.
- Colorful touch display always brings an excellent operation experience for users.
- RF suction handle provides 3 sizes of replacement heads, the user can replace it as they want.
- Large cavitation handle design will cover more treatment area, match ultrasonic gel, essential oil will get a better slimming result.
- Easy to use, portable machine body, which will not occupy much space, ideal for home beauty salon or spa center.

Benefit Of 5 In 1 Unoisetion Cavitation RF Vacuum Slimming Machine

- Unoisetion ultrasonic cavitation 2.0 always help in weight loss and fat removal.
- Bipolar facial radiofrequency treatment benefit for skin tightening rejuvenation.
- Body vacuum RF procedure focus on body massage and cellulite removal.
- Face vacuum RF procedure performs well on anti-aging, acne removal, and wrinkle reduction.
- Vacuum massage is helpful for body detox, and improve natural body metabolism.

Does Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Lipo Really Work?

Yes, ultrasound fat cavitation machine provides real, measurable results. It is an advanced ultrasonic cavitation technique, popular among beauty. Unoisetion cavitation 2.0 provides a safe and non-invasive body sculpting treatment, you'll be able to see how many inches you've lost after treatment sessions. However, it works effectively in certain areas, and it is not a fast slimming procedure, you need to maintain many sessions to see the obvious result.

How Often Can You Do Cavitation Slimming?

Typically, it will take 3 days for the body to properly eliminate fats and toxins after treatment. I suggest customers use once cavitation treatment apart from 3 days. And recommend 6-10 sessions cavitation treatments for the best results.

There are virtually no side effects.

After cavitation treatment, you may experience transient redness, excessive thirst, or nausea immediately. usually, to drink more water and have a rest, these short-term effects will disappear in a few hours.

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