2022 Ice Compress Instrument Skin Lifting Facial Care Homeuse Device

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Model: SR-SK0607

Hot Sale Ice Compress Tool Pores Shrinking Face Lifting Cooling Compress Device 


Soothing Sensitivity

Eliminating Edema

Increasing Skin Elasticity

Pores Shrinking

Skin Calming

cold compress device

What Is the cooling Compress Device?

The mini cooling compress device easy to carry and it is suitable to do skin care treatment for home use, which can help face lifting and skin tightening, shrink pores, increase skin elasticity and calm your skin, eliminate Edema.

How To Use?

-First, put the cooling compress device into the freezer of the refrigerator,  and then take it out after 30 minutes ( if the temperature is 20 - minus 40 ℃, you will get better effect )
-Gently stick your finger on the "cooling disk" to confirm the cooling degree, and press the "cooling DSK" to press the skin.

What should we pay attention to?

-Do not use in eyes, eyeballs, wounds, plastic parts, neck or throat, heart and other parts
-Do not use thinner, benzene or other dissolving agents to clean or wipe
-Do not transform, disassemble or repair by yourself



Increase Skin Elasticity

Pores Shrinking

facial care

skin care treatment

skin lifting

skin calm

anti aging

skin firming

Cooling Compree Device



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