2022 New Adjustable Massage Bed 2 Sections Folding Spa Table Memory Foam

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Model: OT-bed

2 Folding Adjustable Body Spa Salon Bed Tattoo Black Massage Table

massage bed


Foldable & portable: 2 Sections Folding Massage
Height adjustable: set the best position as you need
Sturdy structure: withstand the weight of 250kg/551lb
Simple to use
Removable accessories
Wooden Frame
Memory Foam, more comfortable

What Are The Advantages of the Massage Bed?

 【Foldable & portable】Worry about occupying too much space? The massage bed is a good choice with less weight and foldable function. The whole massage bed will become a portable case with clasps after folded. You can fold it up when not in use, which is very convenient for home use or spa use.
【Sturdy structure】High-strength steel wire ropes, connecting the massage bed strongly, The bed with a sturdy structure can withstand the weight of 250kg/551lb. 
【Simple to use】It is easy to set up and close the spa bed. You do not need a tool at all. Open the case and see the bed legs inside and other accessories. Pull the legs out and adjust them to the height you need, including a headrest, a hand pallet, and two armrests in position.
【Adjustable height】There are two twisting adjustment knobs on each leg for 8 different height adjustments.
【Removable accessories】This folding massage bed has a face cradle, a swinging hand pallet, two armrests, and a breathing hole. These accessories are removable and adjustable. You can set the best position as you need.

How To Install the Headrest

 1. Unlock the angle lock.
2. Insert and adjust the headrest frame to the proper position.
3. Press the screw on the other end of the headrest to prevent it from rotating (We recommend fixing it with a 6-angle wrench).
4. Rotate the angle lock clockwise to tighten.
5. Rotate the angle lock counterclockwise to loosen.
6. Press down the angle to finish.
Note: Please don't adjust it unduly or violently.

Package list

Massage Bed 1pcs
Carry Bag 1pcs

spa use bed

massage table

folding bed

Adjustable bed

Tattoo bed

salon spa bed


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