2022 new Full Body LED Red Light Therapy Laser Belt Body Slimming 630pcs

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Model: LT-OL712

160*35cm Full Body LED Lipo laser Belt For Weight Loss Body Shaping Pain Relief

Red Light Therapy Lipo Laser Belt for Whole Body Slimming

body led belt


Full body Belt 160*35cm
Promote blood circulation, Body Detox
Relief Pain
Led Therapy,  body slimming
Adjust Brightness & Time Setting Freely

What Is This Belt for Full Body?

This is our new arrival 2022 LED therapy laser belt, which is made with red LEDs of specifically chosen wavelengths. This product's light output coincides exactly with our cellular absorption in those ranges, ensuring maximum effects in the shortest time possible.

What Are The Features?

1. Perfect results for body treatments like body detox and pain relief 
2. Portable design so you can use it easily
3. Full body therapy treatment

Product Details

Size: 160*35 CM
Color: Black
Led number: 630pcs
Wavelength: 660nm/850nm

What should we pay attention to?

1. Indoor use only
2. Light is not waterproof, and can not be used in water or wet places.

weight loss
led laser belt

led therapy belt

body slimming


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