6 Pads Lipo Laser Weight Loss Machine 650NM Cellulite Removal

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650nm Lipo Laser Machine with 6pads for Weight Loss and Cellulite Lipolysis

Model: WL-VS889

Adopting cutting-edge laser lipolysis technology, our lipo laser machine (model: WL-UU1401) breaks down the fat cells in a non-destructive way, delivering the desired body-shaping results.

Through low-level laser energy, the fat cells break down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids, glycerol, and water. The body responds by transporting these fatty acids via the lymphatic system for energy, leading to fat cell shrinkage and body-shaping results.


Technical Parameters

  • Laser wavelength: Laser AIGalnp 635-650nm
  • Maximum output power:60W
  • Power of Each Laser:5mw/each laser
  • Output intensity: 3.0W/CM2(Belly), 3.6W/CM2(Thigh), 2.4W/CM2(Arm), 1.5W/CM2(Face)


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