7 In 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Radio Frequency Vacuum Body Slimming Weight Loss Machine

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Model: MS-23S9

Utrasonic Cavitation 40K RF Vacuum BIO Body Slimming Face Lifting Beauty Machine

body slimming



40K Cavitation 2.0 Handle for Cellilute Loss Body Slimming

Sextupolar RF Handle with Photon For Body Shaping skin lifting

Vacuum& RF Handle with Photon for Body  massage , skin tightening

What Is Unoiestion Cavitation 2.0?

Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 offers a new treatment that we believe may replace traditional cavitation. Unoisetion customers can get satisfactory results without tinnitus or noise.
How does Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 work?
Unoisetion Cavitation W.0 therapy makes it possible to apply concentrated levels of Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 energy to specific areas of treatment. This type of treatment targets and destroys the subcutaneous adipocytes of the adipocyte membrane by a series of microscopic implosions. When the fat cell membrane (adipose tissue) is destroyed, fat is excreted between cells, where it is converted to protein and then converted to free fatty acids and glycerol. Free fatty acids move to the liver where they spoil and are removed from the body, where water-soluble glycerol is transported to the circulatory system for use as energy.

What Are The Advantages Of The 7 In 1 Ultrasound Cavitation Machine?

- With Advanced unoisetion cavitation 2.0 technology, it is useful for fat reduction ,anti cellulite , body shaping.
- Safe,no side effects and effective for the body and face treatment.
- Multipolar Smart 3D RF technique, skin lifting, comfortable.
- Multifunctional 7 in 1 cavitation RF machine, a good choice for professional beauty salon or spa center.
- Click finger touch, easy to operate, bring a perfect experience to you, because you can get better results


Packing List

1. Main Machine     1 pcs
2. 40K Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Handle    1 pcs
3. Sextupole RF Handle     1 pcs
4. Vacuum& RF Head    1 pcs
5. Bipolar RF Handle     1 pcs
6. Sextupole RF Handle    1 pcs
7. Microcurrent &Photon    1 pcs
8. Cold hammer    1 pcs
9. Power cord    1 pcs


body sculpting

vacuum machine

skin firming

skin lifting

skin rejuvenation

skin care

beauty machine

cellulite removal


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