CO2 Laser Treatment Surgical Laser System Skin Rejuvenation Spa Beauty Machine

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Model: LT-PC015N

CO2 Laser Skin Rejuvenation Scar Freckles  Removal Skin Care Surgical System Spa Salon Anti Wrinkle

Laser Treatment Surgical Laser System

Therapy Principle

The spectral absorption of water provides the CO2 Surgical with the ability to coagulate, vaporize, or cut, tissue depending on the power density and the energy level applied by the surgeon. When the Co2 beam is defocused, the Co2 light vaporizes the soft tissue, and when the light is focused the Light can cut like scalpel.

The beam is a highly concentrated and powerful beam of light that interacts with tissue in some extraordinary ways. Surgeons use CO2 because of their outstanding precision. The beam is so accurate that an area less than one millimeter in diameter can be treated, while scarcely affecting surrounding tissue. Moreover, CO2 surgery is implemented in microsurgery and in rigid endoscopy, enabling surgical precision to a fraction of a millimeter


Compact and easy to operate
Sealed-off CO2 technology
CW, repeat pulse, and super pulse operation modes
7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm
A pilot beam of 3mW Light
Safety protection with alarming automatically


Wavelength: 10.6microns
Beam mode: TEM00
Power to tissue: 15W
Magic pulse peak power: 100W
Laser operation Modes: Repeat Pulse & CW
Aiming beam: 3mW
Beam delivery system: 7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm
Working radius: 130cm
Cooling system: Water Closed-cycle
Control System: LCD touch screen, footswitch
Warranty: 1 year
Working voltage: 230VAC/50Hz or 120VAC/60Hz

 Laser System Skin Rejuvenation SpaLaser System Skin Rejuvenation SpaLaser System Skin Rejuvenation SpaLaser System Skin Rejuvenation Spa

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