2021 Body Sculpting Focused Electromagnetic Contour Body Shaping Machine

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Model: WL-EMT81

Newest Arrival Muscle Stimulation Fat Reduction Body Contouring Machine

fat reduction


Build body lines, body shaping

Stimulate the muscles, reduce fat

Anti cellulite

To activate the collagen regeneration of the lower pelvic floor muscle tissue

Strengthens the core muscles

What Is High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation?

High-intensity focused electromagnetic muscle stimulation can not only train vest lines, but also remove fat and increase body muscles. This kind of concentrated electromagnetic stimulator can not only be good for muscle tension, but also help reduce fat cells.

How Does High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulator Work?

The high-intensity focused electromagnetic muscle stimulator is good for muscle building, using high-energy concentrated electromagnetic waves (tight magnetic waves), which can enter the subcutaneous muscle tissue 7 cm and act on the muscle motor neurons.
Its principle is like the brain sends movement information to neurons, and then the action potential triggers continuous super-strong muscle contractions. This is a safe, effective and non-invasive way to stimulate the muscles and to train body & arm lines  .
Advanced extreme training can make nearly 100% of the muscle fibers move, while general exercise can only reach 20-30%.
This machine can stimulate the deep remodeling and growth of muscles, produce new collagen chains and new muscle fibers, thereby increasing thickened myofibrils, and ultimately can greatly increase the energy demand of muscle cells, trigger the decomposition of a large amount of fat in the body, and release more The adrenaline helps to promote the rapid decomposition of fat cells and produce a large amount of ATP energy for muscle contraction exercises. This allows you to continue to lose fat even when you go to sleep again.

What are the Effects Of High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulator?

-Lying for 30 minutes can consume the same body fat you consume for 5 hours of training.

-It is very helpful for postpartum repairers. It can eliminate fat, tighten muscles, and have a body-sculpting effect.

- Improve the appearance of obesity , Shaping hip and arm vest lines

- Relieve chronic pain

What Are Advantages of High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulator?

-Equipped with a patented cooling system to make it durable

-Its continuous use of cooling technology prevents the treatment head from generating high temperatures, which can greatly increase its output power, and its operation is very stable.

-Intelligent personal training design, suitable for home use, barrier-free operation

-There are five sports modes, which can be switched as needed

-Help you achieve a ladder exercise plan

What Contradictions Should We Pay Attention To?

1.People with wounds on the skin,or avoid the wounds.

2.Heart disease patients, especially those with a pacemaker

3.Cancer patients

4.Patients with infectious diseases

5.Pregnant women,lactation and menstruation

6.Those who undergone major ssurgery,patients with diabetes

7.Those with any metal in the body.

8.People with cerebrovascular diseases(stroke patients)

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