4 Handles NEW EMS Muscle Stimulating Fat Burning Fat Loss Beauty Machine

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Model: WL-EMT88

EMS Body Shaping Muscle Building Skin Tightening Body Slimming High-Intensity Fat Burning Machine



 1. Fat Loss

2.  High Intensity Muscle Stimulating Training

3.  Muscle spasms Relaxation

4.  Increasing blood circulation

5.  legs and arm lines building

What Is This Muscle Building Machine?

Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) is a physical therapy and fitness technology that involves a machine that transmits electrical pulses through electrodes that can be applied directly to your skin.
EMS often acts on the quadriceps after knee surgery. Electrical signals can trigger repeated muscle contractions.

What Are The Benefits Of This Muscle Building Machine?

1. Improvement of joint pain and swelling
2. Prevent and restore muscle wasting (loss of muscle mass/tissue)
3. Strengthening of muscle rehabilitation
4. Increase the range of motion of muscles or tendons
5. Relieve stress and discomfort
6. Improvement of blood flow and circulation

What's an EMS device used for? 

EMS equipment is used to "quick start" muscle contractions, also known as neuromuscular reeducation. EMS equipment is also used in fitness centers and physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics. In addition, many EMS devices are also designed and sold for home use.

Does EMS burn fat?

EMS can also exercise muscles to achieve the effect of weight loss, while helping to promote metabolism and burn fat. When combined with a healthy and balanced diet that promotes insufficient calories, the weight loss effect of EMS training is more obvious

Packing List

 Host        1PCS
Handle      4PCS
Power supply line     1PCS
User manual         1PCS
Accessory frame   4PCS
Binding(0.75M)    2PCS
Binding(1.5M)      1PCS
Binding(0.8M)     2PCS
Hexagnal screw wrench     1PCS
screw(4*8)      4PCS

muscle training

slimming machine

fat loss

anti cellulite

body sculpting

weight loss

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