Fat Reduction Multi-Directional Stimulation EMS RF Beauty Machine

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Model: MF-53V1

Work Principle

After being heated at 45 ℃ for 3 minutes, the survival rate of adipocytes will be reduced by 60%. Heat transfer can induce adipocyte apoptosis and eliminate apoptotic cells through natural metabolic processes.
At the same time, the heat can stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the dermis, the elastic fibers naturally produce immediate contraction and tightening, and repair the connective tissue, so as to achieve the effect of dissolving fat and sculpting the body, tightening the cheeks and eliminating the double chin.

What Can the Machine Do?

RF handle can stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the dermis and tighten skins;
EMS pads can effectively strengthen, tighten, and sculpt muscles;
The facial handle can lift the face and anti-winkles


1. General mode and professional mode, intelligent AI algorithm of professional mode, calculate the body BMI index according to the customer\'s age, height and weight, and provide each user with a more professional and comfortable weight-loss and shaping program.
2. Real-time fat layer temperature monitoring, beauticians can see the temperature of the user\'s operating parts at any time.
3. The six handles used for body shaping are light and not bulky, and there are electrode pieces, which make the user\'s use more comfortable.
4. With a strap fixed by the handle, the operation is more convenient and the experience is more comfortable.
5. The intelligent handle locates the negative plate, and different parts are matched with different negative plate positions to maximize the effect
6. CRS consumables activation system, long-term locking of customers


Material: ABS
Target Area: Body, Face, Legs/Arms
Technology: RF+EMS
Facial Sculpting: 1~2 MHz--20cm²
Body Contouring: 2MHz--40cm²
RF: 740-850nm
Input voltage: 220~240V/100-120V

Package list

1 x EMS machine Host
8 x EMS pads
2 x RF handle
1 x Power Cord

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