RF Cavitation Breast Enhance Vacuum Equipment

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RF & Vacuum Cavitation Machine for Fat Removal and Breast Enlarge

Model: DT-BS001

Unoisetion cavitation machine targets and destroys subcutaneous fat cells and removed them from the body. It can also firm the skin to remove cellulite.

With the specially designed vacuum pump, the machine can quickly improve the size and shape of breasts, without any aching or health threat.


- Breast enhancement

Cellulite removal

Body slimming

Skin rejuvenation

Wrinkles removal


1. 40KHz Unoisetion Cavitation Handle

By using ultrasound cavitation 2.0 technologies, direct access is destroy these fat cells and removes them from the body.

2. Sextupole 3D RF for Body

Being integrated with advanced RF technology, it can increase local temperature and remove excess fat from the body.

3. 4 Polar 3D RF for Face

This handle can emit radio waves and help to tighten up the outer layers of the skin and reduces wrinkling effects.

4. Three Polar RF for Face and Eyes

A Three Pole facial lifting provides satisfying aesthetic results with less risk of side effects compared to a traditional facelift.

5. Vacuum Cups for Breast

The vacuum cups can make fat particles and liquid enter breast tissue and cells, leaving the breast more developed.

Package included

1 x 40KHz Unoisetion Cavitation Handle
1 x Three-pole RF Handle for Face and Eyes' Around
1 x 4 polar RF Handle for Face and Body
1 x 6 polar RF Handle for the Body
1 set of cups for breasting
1 x Power cord Power Supply Cord( Both 110v and 220v voltage (frequency: 50/60Hz) versions are available. Also we stock the USA, UK, AU, EU plug to suit the country all over the world.)

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