New 2 Sizes Vacuum Breast Butt Enhancement EMS Vibration Body Massage Hip Lifting Machine

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Model:  MS-13H1

New Body Shaping Contouring Breast Shape Machine With 2 Pairs Of Vacuum Therapy Cups

butt lifting


Vaccum Cups Breast Enhancement 

Hip Lifting Butt Enhancement 

EMS Microcurrent

Vibration Body Massage

Body Shaping Relaxing
body contouring
cupping shaping

ems butt lift
vacuum cupping machine

breast enhancement

ems microcurrent

What Is New Vacuum Cupping Machine?

A newly designed breast enlargement machine that combines vacuum cup therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and vibration. Lift your buttocks, strengthen your breasts, and shape your body. Suitable for use not only at home but also in professional salon spa centers.

What Are The Benefits of Body Sculpting Vacuum Therapy Machine?

-Breast enlargement, tightening, and lifting.
-Improves microcirculation and increases collagen elasticity.
-Corrected breast shape and improved nipple sagging.
-Body contours, shape changes, body slimming.
-Improves skin elasticity.
-Reduction of orange peel-like tissue.
-Improves lymphatic circulation.
-Healthy Body  massage.

What Are The Features of This Machine?

The principle of negative pressure liposuction is used to physically massage the chest and various frequencies of negative pressure are used to dredge the breast meridians. It promotes fatty acid conversion, safely and effectively removes excess fat, loses weight, removes excess fat in the abdomen, improves leg shape and tightens the skin. It can be used for lymphatic drainage, cellulite treatment, buttocks improvement, and perfect body shape.

-Accelerates the movement of breast muscles, stimulates breast dilation, makes the breast richer and more well-shaped, and keeps the breast healthy
-Simulate the acupoint massage technique of the human body and massage comfortably
-User-friendly design, convenient and fast operation, breast strengthening operation is easy
-Smart touch screen, easy to use.
-Two bio modes.

Two sizes pink vacuum cups

Small ems vibration cup:
Inner diameter: 104mm
Outside diameter:150mm
Cup height: 133mm
Tube interface length; 37mm

Bigger breast butt enlarge cup:
Inner diameter: 114mm
Outside diameter:160mm
Cup height: 140mm
Tube interface length; 37mm

Packing List

1 x Main Machine
1 x Filter
1 x Tube for Cups
2 x Pairs of Pink Breast Vacuum Cups
2 x Connecting Cord for Cups

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