6 in 1 Cavitation 2.0 Machine RF Vacuum For Body Contouring Skin Tightening

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Model: LY-54K2S

Bullet Points:
*Seamless Launch into the Beauty Business
Ready to kickstart your dream beauty studio? Dive into the world of affordable entrepreneurship with our 6 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine! Picture this: 5 handles, 8 LED pads, and a promise of incredible results that will keep your clients coming back for more.

*Affordable Revenue Generation
Worried about costs? No need at all. With just a small investment, you can open your studio and start making profits after only a few body contouring sessions. This machine isn't just about quick gains—it's a sustainable income stream that'll keep your business thriving in the long haul.

*Reliable Professional Craftsmanship
Quality matters, especially in the beauty industry. That's why our cavitation machine is engineered to endure the busy environments of spas and salons. Invest confidently knowing you're getting a durable tool that's worthy of your professional standards.

*Customized Beauty Offerings
Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all treatments. Our machine offers multiple energy levels tailored to different body areas, ensuring your clients get the personalized pampering they deserve. It's the secret recipe to attracting and retaining a diverse clientele.

*Hassle-Free Buying Assurance
We've also got your back with one-on-one online guides, a generous 365-day warranty, and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. So why hesitate? Click "Buy Now" and start your worry-free journey to beauty business success today!

Handle Functions:
40k Cavitation Handle: Utilizing cavitation technology operating at a frequency of 40 kHz, this handle targets problem areas like the abdomen, back, and thighs, resulting in a more defined physique.

6-Polar RF Handle: Tailored for tightening loose skin, particularly on the abdomen, this handle employs radiofrequency waves at 1 MHz. When combined with cavitation and vacuum technologies, it maximizes the effectiveness of body sculpting treatments.

4-Polar RF Handle: By utilizing radiofrequency waves, this handle heats the skin to stimulate collagen production, resulting in noticeable tightening and firming.

3-Polar RF Handle: Using radiofrequency technology, this handle boosts circulation, reducing the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags.

Bipolar Vacuum & RF Handle: This handpiece promotes collagen production, leading to firmer and toned skin. The vacuum function enhances circulation and metabolism, aiding detoxification and supporting the body's natural cleansing mechanisms.

LED Pads: These pads are designed to tighten skin and contour the body, complementing body sculpting treatments. They can be used alongside cavitation and radiofrequency therapy or independently.

Technical Principles:
RF: By utilizing radiofrequency electromagnetic waves to transfer heat energy, this technology stimulates skin tissue and encourages collagen production, resulting in cosmetic benefits such as wrinkle reduction and skin tightening.

40K: Operating on the principle of ultrasound, this technology generates intense sound waves upon entering the body, leading to vigorous movement and heat consumption. Additionally, the vibration of these sound waves produces powerful impacts, creating pressure between skin layers, resulting in immediate shaping effects.

VACUUM & RF: This technology combines radiofrequency (RF) with negative pressure technology. RF heats the skin layer to stimulate collagen production and rearrangement, improving skin tightness and elasticity. Negative pressure utilizes suction to stretch the skin and enhance absorption.

LED LASER: Using red laser light with deep penetration capabilities, this technology stimulates the skin's deeper layers, promoting body sculpting effects. It also enhances circulation and metabolism in the body.

Input Power: 110V-220V 50HZ/60HZ
40K Frequency (Hz): 40KHZ
40K Power (W): 30W
3-Pole RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
3-Pole RF Power (W): 35W
4-Pole RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
4-Pole RF Power (W): 60W
6-Pole RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
6-Pole RF Power (W): 65W
2-Pole Vacuum RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
2-Pole Vacuum RF Power (W): 70W
2-Pole Vacuum RF Vacuum Suction (KPa): -73KPa
2-Pole Vacuum RF Vacuum Flow (L/min): 10
2-Pole Vacuum RF Noise Level (30cm away): 60
Laser Pads: 6 Big, 2 Small 5MW
Product Dimensions: 10.2”*15”*8.6”
Net Weight (Kg): 5.5
Gross Weight (Kg): 6.2
Packing Dimensions: 33*31*26CM

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
1*3-Pole Photon RF Handle
1*4-Pole Photon RF Handle
1*6-Pole Photon RF Handle
1*2-Pole Photon Vacuum RF Handle
1*40K Handle
6*Large Laser Pads
2*Small Laser Pads
1 Set*Mounting Bracket
3*Wire Sets
1*Power Cord
1*User Manual
1*Accessory Kit

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