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Pressotherapy is a hardware massage using compressed air, also known as an inflatable massage or lymphatic drainage massage. The role of pressotherapy is to target the lymphatic system for body detox massage and weight loss. Although techniques involving the use of compressed air were discovered in the 19th century, equipment based on the technique did not appear in the Netherlands until the 20th century.


The pressotherapy procedure sends the body into a special set of sauna blankets connected to the beauty equipment. It may affect the entire body and individual body parts: arms, legs, lower back, stomach. The device has a special program to regulate the intensity and duration of action of the pressure. The patient does not feel discomfort or pain during the treatment; instead, the heat is transmitted throughout the body and the muscles become more relaxed.

After the first pressotherapy session, the results were obvious. The patient felt energized, there was a surge of power and the heaviness in the legs and body disappeared. The procedure has also shown exceptional results in combating cellulite, skin laxity, and weight loss. Often, doctors recommend pressotherapy for patients who have undergone surgery, severe injuries, or strokes to restore the body as well as joint disease.

Advantages of Pressotherapy

The main advantage of pressotherapy is that the patient does not need to do anything during the treatment, he can lie down and enjoy the process. All work is controlled by professional equipment, especially it regulates the amount of air. Due to the body detox massage with pressotherapy, the appearance of the patient's body, as well as its internal state, becomes better. A 40-minute session with compressed air is pleasant, refreshing, and invigorating enough. During the treatment, you can relax.


The patient requiring pressotherapy wears a suit designed for the procedure, after which the patient lies on a couch. At the same time, you need to make sure that the patient is comfortable in this position. The cuff worn on the patient is connected to the device through a special air duct, where high and low-pressure alternate. The device then begins to perform a lymphatic drainage body detox massage.

During pressotherapy, the compression and vacuum patterns change every 30-120 seconds. During the pressure reduction, the blood vessels dilate and the lymph and blood begin to circulate faster.

Effects of Pressotherapy

  • Arms

For arm pressotherapy, special sleeves that look like cuffs are used. With this procedure, you can tighten the loose skin on your forearms after a dramatic weight loss.

  • Body

Pressotherapy is performed on the body and massage is performed using a special wide belt. The main areas affected are the abdomen and buttocks. This massage will allow your body to detox, eliminate cellulite and weight loss.

Usually, pressotherapy is performed after liposuction because it helps to smooth the skin quickly and effectively in the area where the surgical intervention was performed. Afterward, the sagging skin becomes elastic.

  • Legs

Leg pressotherapy is very popular and this is because fat accumulation always occurs in the legs. Lifestyle also plays a huge role. For example, if you work in an office for long periods of inactivity, then the lymph and blood in the lower extremities will stagnate.


You can get an attractive look and get rid of four kilos of excess weight after about six sessions. Therefore, if you need to weight loss or get in shape, pressotherapy is one of the best ways to do it, as evidenced by many before and after pressotherapy comparison photos.

In addition to this, after completing a complete course of pressotherapy, you will get the following results:

  • Weight loss due to the elimination of cellulite.
  • Disappearance of body swelling.
  • Body detox.
  • Elimination of muscle spasms.
  • Skin becomes elastic.
  • Immune system enhancement.
  • Prevention of blood clots.
  • Slowing of skin aging.
  • Disappearance of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Compatibility of Pressotherapy With Other Treatments

For people who want to weight loss but don't want to work out hard at the gym, pressotherapy is the perfect option. However, this process does not help remove fat, it only removes excess fluid from the body. Pressotherapy is more effective than classic massage and can achieve the desired results much faster. Using one session of pressotherapy can replace 20 manual massages.

For maximum effect, pressotherapy can be supplemented with the following procedures:

  • Pressotherapy and Cavitation

These two treatments are complementary. Their combined use allows you to achieve more tangible weight loss results. They can be done either simultaneously or sequentially.

  • Pressotherapy and Muscle Stimulation

These two programs are very compatible. Complementing each other, their combination allows you to achieve maximum body detox and skin tightening results. There is even a special procedure in the field of aesthetics called "air pockets + muscle stimulation + pressotherapy".


  • Infrared Pressotherapy

Another equally effective method of weight loss is the use of infrared radiation. In this case, the combination of pressotherapy and the use of "infrared" procedures accelerates the breakdown of body fat and has a positive effect on the lymphatic and vascular systems.

  • Pressotherapy and Body Wraps

Usually, body wraps are used to fight cellulite. It allows you to build muscle and improve the tone of the skin. As for the use of combining the two, in salons, pressotherapy is often combined with body wraps and vacuum massage.

  • Vacuum Pressotherapy

This process is a combination of pressotherapy and vacuum massage. It allows you to achieve long-term visible results and helps to get rid of excess weight quickly.

It is necessary to seek expert advice before proceeding with any of the treatments. Only a professional doctor or aesthetician can choose the right set of weight loss treatments for an individual situation.

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