Non-invasive Muscle-building 16 Handles Body Sculpting EMS Machine

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Model: BS-21V1

Work Principle

The principle of Body Sculpting EMS is to release high-intensity electrical pulse energy through the electrode handle to directly transmit the deep muscles, stimulate the target muscle motor neurons, make the muscles contract continuously and rapidly, and increase muscle tension, mass, and strength; Body Sculpting EMS electrical pulse technology allows the human body to produce passive movement, so to achieve the purpose of muscle growth and fat reduction,loss weight and shaping.

 What Can the EMS Machine Do?

It uses (EMS) electrical pulses to stimulate the continuous expansion and contraction of target muscle groups, thereby increasing muscle mass and endurance and strength.The 16 handles are placed on multiple body areas or multiple muscle groups depending on your individual needs and goals

Features of the EMS machine:

1. Non-invasive, safe, comfortable, there is no side effect on the body
2. Time-saving and efficient,1 session of 45 minutes = 54000 muscle contraction exercises
3. More efficient, Treating up to eight areas simultaneously at a time improves body coverage and provides more efficient and comprehensive muscle activation
4. Flexibility handle, The 16 handles provide multiple different body parts options to customize treatment for multiple muscle groups
5. Auto mode: automatic multi-frequency
Manual Mode: 1 to 8 frequencies can be freely selected


Frequency: 5-300Hz
Automatic mode: 5 training modes(Basic training ,Adaptation training,Preliminary training,Advanced Training,Professional training)
Manual mode: 8 Frequencies(A to H)
Product Name: Body Sculpting EMS
Display Screen: 10.4 inch touchscreen
Voltage: AC110V/220V
Air Box Size: 65×45×69cm
Gross Weight: About 28kg

Package list

1 x EMS machine
16 x EMS pads

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