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Everything You Need To Know About Lipo Laser Slimming Machine

Everything You Need To Know About Lipo Laser Slimming Machine


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Being overweight can cause even the most perfect body to expand and become ugly over time. Lipo laser, which has also become laser liposuction, is a new slimming treatment technique that allows you to remove unwanted fat deposits quickly and without complications. With the help of an infrared laser, lipo laser removes unwanted fat from different areas of the face and body, leaving the skin in the treated area firmer and more elastic, giving the body a perfect contour and eliminating cellulite. These include "breeches" on the buttocks, double chin, arms and unsightly "pads" under the belly. Lipo laser destroys fat cells under the influence of a laser. The laser pads attached to the lipo laser slimming machine is inserted through a micro-perforation in the patient's skin, and a narrowly directed beam of light passes through it, destroying the fat cells, after which the emulsified fat is naturally expelled from the body with the body's metabolism.

Lipo laser treatment is the result of innovative technology that helps patients to reduce unwanted fat. Mychway extensively uses the most advanced technologies in the manufacture of the production of lipo laser slimming machines, guaranteeing high efficiency, complete safety and excellent performance. Due to its effectiveness and short recovery time, lipo laser treatment is emerging as the new preferred non-surgical method of fat removal, and it can even replace traditional liposuction procedures using general anesthesia.

Unlike ultrasound and vacuum, lipo laser does not damage the tissues surrounding the fat cells being destroyed, thus reducing the risk of edema and inflammation and shortening the recovery period. lipo laser is a non-invasive, non-surgical slimming treatment that does not require general anesthesia or skin incisions, so there is no scarring or scarring after the treatment. During the treatment, the laser heats and "seals" the damaged capillaries, so there is little to no bleeding or bruising that can be damaging to the patient.

What effect can lipo laser give us?

After lipo laser treatment, cellulite gradually disappears and the volume of the problem areas is reduced, with the consequent slimmer and more perfectly proportioned body. The changes produced in the treated area are almost immediately apparent at the end of the treatment, and the final slimming results can be observed gradually over time and with more treatments. The results will last for a long time as long as the patient maintains a stable weight.

lipo cavitation machine

Many patients notice that the skin in the treated area becomes more elastic and tighter after treatment. This is because the laser stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, of which the body's skin scaffolding is composed. Although laser liposuction promotes weight loss, it should not be considered exclusively as a weight loss method. Lasers are effective in removing small fat deposits and correcting body contours, but are not suitable for dealing with excess weight. Patients with generalized obesity may require a more radical approach to fat reduction.

Traditional Liposuction vs. Lipo Laser

The treatment process of lipo laser is safer than traditional liposuction. lipo laser treatment does not require general anesthesia or surgery and can be performed directly in a professional salon or at home by yourself. The decomposed fatty tissue will be removed on its own with the body's metabolism.

Fast results. The results of this treatment will be visible almost immediately after each treatment, and this number will be broken in the next few months. lipo laser treatments do not damage the skin and there is little to no swelling or bruising as a side effect after treatment. Each case varies depending on the individual characteristics of the patient's body, but in general, the risk of facing complications is much less.

Shortest recovery time. Due to the gentle nature of lipo laser treatments, recovery time is minimal. There is little to no downtime for recovery after treatment, and you can return to your normal life and work the next day.

lipo cavitation machine

The major difference between lipo laser treatment and traditional liposuction is that lipo laser does not harm other surrounding tissues in the process of eliminating fat cells. The technique removes the fat cells, but leaves all other important tissues intact. The surgeon does this by delivering the energy of the laser to a specific area. It is not removed through a cannula as in traditional liposuction, but is absorbed by the body.

Laser liposuction can dramatically improve the appearance of problem areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, waist, hips or chin. This provides an excellent option for patients seeking painless body contouring.

Is it possible to supplement lipo laser with other treatments

It is recommended to combine lipo laser with treatments that accelerate lymphatic flow and promote rapid elimination of remaining fat cells.

We recommend the following treatments for better results when combined with laser treatment.

lipo cavitation machine

  • Cavitation radiofrequency- a method of promoting lipo laserusing radio waves.
  • Electrical muscle stimulation- the effect of electrical impulses on muscle fibers.
  • Vacuum massage- accelerates lymphatic flow to help break down fat and expel it from the body
  • Proessotherapy Massage- applying pressure to certain areas of the body to accelerate lymphatic flow.

The combination of different treatments can accelerate the desired results.

Suggestions for the duration of the treatment

You can maintain a normal life during the treatment. However, observing some restrictions and recommendations will improve the efficiency of the treatment and reduce the risk of complications.

lipo cavitation machine

  • Drink as much pure water as possible and limit your salt intake. The decay products of the fat cells will be eliminated from the body more quickly.
  • For the same purpose, moderate physical activity is recommended, but not overload.
  • If you like coffee, reduce your intake to a minimum - coffee has an adverse effect on lymphatic flow.
  • Complete abstinence from smoking and alcohol is advisable.
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