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Excessive fat deposits on the sides of the body and abdomen, "orange peel" on the hips and thighs are a concern for almost all women. At risk are women over 30 years of age, women who have a tendency to become obese and have loose skin after childbirth. Not everyone can live with an imperfect body, especially since today there are many ways to remove excess fat and cellulite quickly and effectively.

Mychway offers the purchase of ultrasonic fat cavitation machine as well as other vacuum therapy and RF aesthetic machine. We sell home and salon machines for cavitation treatments. They allow body contouring to be done quickly and effectively, with results seen immediately after the first treatment!

One of the fastest ways to get the perfect body and get rid of unwanted fat is cavitation. This is a non-invasive and painless treatment, this non-surgical ultrasound fat removal is performed using professional ultrasonic cavitation machine. The ultrasound method of contour correction is suitable for most people and has almost no side effects. Therefore, it is being actively used for medical and cosmetic purposes.

ultrasonic fat cavitation machine

Ultrasonic cavitation is known as the "new liposuction". The non-surgical approach to body contouring allows you to get rid of fat deposits in problem areas without the need for strenuous training or painful surgery. Patients will see results after the first treatment and after all sessions are completed the results will be comparable to a month of active training at the gym. It is worth noting that because ultrasonic cavitation technology has become more widely used, many people have been able to perform their own cavitation treatments at home without the need to visit a salon or hospital. Rather than spending more money on long-term beauty treatments, it will be more worthwhile to buy a multi-functional cavitation beauty machine so you can enjoy slimming and shaping your body without having to leave the house! In this blog, I will introduce you what you need to know before buying a cavitation slimming machine.

Working Princple

Today, cavitation treatments are often compared to traditional liposuction procedures. In terms of results, these techniques are similar, but in terms of the degree of invasiveness and recovery period, they are completely different. While liposuction involves anesthesia, scalpels, injections and a long recovery period, cavitation treatment can be performed with only a specialized ultrasonic cavitation machine, which does not require anesthesia, is not invasive, feels little to no pain during treatment and requires no long downtime to recover after treatment.

ultrasonic fat cavitation machine

The principle of treatment of the ultrasonic cavitation machine is simple: under the influence of ultrasound, bubbles form in the deep dermal fat and then become larger, softening and destroying the fatty tissue and releasing triglycerides. They are naturally excreted from the body through the body's normal metabolism. Although salon ultrasound cavitation machines are more powerful and effective, home use ultrasound cavitation machines also allow you to maintain results all the time. You can purchase a cavitation beauty machine with different combinations of features to suit your needs, and one machine can perform multiple treatments and treat multiple areas.

Side effects of ultrasonic cavitation therapy

Ultrasonic cavitation therapy has few serious side effects. However, it must be remembered that the destroyed triglycerides are broken down by the liver and excreted by the kidneys through the lymphatic and circulatory systems, which may place a burden on these organs. If you have liver or kidney disease, you should not undergo cavitation. In addition, alcohol and fatty foods should be avoided after the procedure in order not to increase the load.

ultrasonic fat cavitation machine

Time required for ultrasonic cavitation treatment

An ultrasonic cavitation treatment takes approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated for each individual. It takes some time for the fat cells destroyed during the treatment to be drained by the lymphatic system, so it is not necessary to perform daily cavitation treatments. Our recommendation is to go about a week between each treatment. It is also possible to split the treatment into areas - for example, treating the buttocks today and the lower back tomorrow. The exact duration of treatment and the required course of treatment can also be done in consultation with the relevant professional prior to treatment.

For some people who have this treatment for the first time, the results may be immediate, with significant weight loss. This is the effect of rapid lymphatic drainage. However, to really achieve the effect of reducing the fat layer, at least 10 sessions are needed and it is best to pair cavitation with other metabolism enhancing treatments or massage methods.

ultrasonic fat cavitation machine

Advice on before and after cavitation treatment

  • Before treatment:
  1. correct the diet 2-3 days before treatment: refuse high-calorie foods such as fried, smoked and spicy foods.
  2. maintaining adequate hydration: at least 2-3 liters of purified water per day is recommended prior to treatment.
  3. Refuse alcohol: no alcohol, including low alcoholic beverages, is recommended prior to cavitation treatment.

ultrasonic fat cavitation machine

  • After treatment:
  1. drinking more water after cavitation treatment: it helps the body to excrete the decomposed fat more quickly.
  2. a short period of time after the treatment it is recommended to not eat or to eat a lighter diet.
  3. moderate aerobic exercise is recommended after treatment for better fat loss results.
  4. Lymphatic massage is highly recommended after the treatment, which can help the body to excrete the waste from the body faster.

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