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Lipo Laser: What Is It

One of the hardware beauty methods based on modern equipment is lipo laser, also known as lipo laser. With its help, no surgical liposuction is required. In most cases, you can restore or maintain a beautiful and elegant body appearance. Lipo laser uses low-intensity therapeutic laser radiation to divide fat cells and excrete them through metabolism. This entire beauty process is called laser lipolysis. Its obvious advantages are: fast treatment, no pain, and short recovery period.

Lipo laser treatment is performed by applying and fixing a special laser pad equipped with a laser diode in the problem area. The laser pad connected to the lipo laser machine emits cold spectrum light with a wavelength of 650 nm to act on the treatment area. Therefore, this process is also called "cold laser lipolysis", but this does not mean the use of low temperature. During the lipo laser process, the patient will not have any cold or other uncomfortable feelings. The process is completely safe.

lipo laser slimming machine

The operation of the Lipo laser slimming machine is based on low-intensity laser radiation. Fat cells can provide energy or store energy. In order to separate your fat cells from the stored fat, laser radiation triggers the so-called photobiomodulation process, which is responsible for breaking down fat storage and its consumption. In order to make the released fat "fuel" not return, but to reach the destination, it is recommended to match moderate exercise to support lipo laser treatment, so the weight loss effect will be further consolidated: lipo laser breaks down complex triglycerides into Simple fatty acids and glycerol molecules stimulate the lymphatic system, while physical exercise can easily burn all the released energy.

Non-surgical Lipo Laser Treatment

Usually, the standard course of fat loss treatment consists of eight treatments performed within a month. If you want to talk about the duration of each treatment, then for the best results, the duration of the lipo laser slimming machine in an area should be at least 40 minutes. For a complete treatment process, each problem area will be steadily reduced by one or two centimeters. Our patients felt the results of the treatment. For many people, losing weight is the beginning of a new life. People begin to monitor their weight, eat the right way, and live an active lifestyle. If these conditions are met, it can be guaranteed that the patient will maintain the results of the treatment for a long time, and as time goes by and the number of treatments increases, the fat reduction effect will only get better.

lipo laser slimming machine

The important thing is that the lipo laser slimming machine is absolutely safe, because its rays are adjusted by professional technology, which will only have a local effect on the fat cells, but will not affect the surrounding tissues or damage the surrounding tissues. The operating principle of this system is based on the multiple enhancements of the body's natural metabolic process: the breakdown of fats into triglycerides, water, and fatty acids are excreted from the body through the lymphatic system. Based on this principle, lipo laser will not negatively affect the liver and other organs. The Lipo laser treatment process is absolutely painless and does not require rehabilitation and recovery period. It can be used on any part of the body to remove different amounts of fat from the waist, sides, back, thighs, buttocks, arms and even the chin.

It is important to note that we only recommend the use of professional lipo laser slimming machines for fat loss treatment.

Benefits Of Lipo Laser

  • The therapeutic effect of Lipo laser is almost immediately visible.
  • This treatment removes fat by heating and solidifying soft tissues while tightening the skin.
  • Lipo laser can shape the body contour comfortably and quickly.
  • Lipo laser does not require general anesthesia.
  • There is no need to stop work for recovery period after treatment.

lipo laser slimming machine

Treatment Areas Of Lipo Laser

Lipo laser is effective for almost any part of the body. It is an innovative procedure used to remove fat and can be used on delicate skin areas to give the body a perfect contour.

  • Shoulder. Excessive fat cells in the shoulders are a common problem for many people of a certain age. Laser liposuction in this area can significantly improve tissue tension. This process actually raises the dermis of the hand instantly, leaving no scars associated with this process.
  • Back. The back of the body is covered with thick skin, so it is elastic. This is ideal for lipo laser.
  • Abdomen. Lipo laser treatment on the abdomen can immediately alleviate the first stage of ptosis. If the lower abdomen is treated, the upper abdomen will also be treated, so that the two areas merge smoothly.

lipo laser slimming machine

  • Waist. These fatty areas around the waist are difficult to correct with diet or exercise. This area has the natural elasticity of the skin, making the waist an ideal choice for laser liposuction. The patients who received the treatment were very satisfied with the results because it was very effective.
  • Buttocks. Below the waist and close to the top of the buttocks, this area will become a concern for women as it gradually approaches the waist. This has led to the loss of the seductive, feminine profile that most women desire.
  • Thigh. The outer thigh is also a common problem area for many women. This area is called a saddle bag. The outer thigh is an integral part of the overall contour of the body. In order to obtain a more perfect ratio, it is important to identify the individual characteristics of each female body. In addition, laser liposuction on the outer thigh will improve the natural curve of the buttocks.

Recovery Period After Lipo Laser Treatment

We understand that the recovery time after any plastic surgery takes several months, and many restrictions need to be adhered to. However, after lipo laser treatment, the recovery period only takes about 1-2 days, and it only takes about two weeks for the treatment area to fully recover. For a short time after Lipo laser treatment, you need to avoid any physical activity or aerobic exercise.

lipo laser slimming machine

You can return to office work, normal walking or light exercise immediately after treatment. During the recovery period, you can wear a special pressure suit, which will greatly help the natural healing process. The skin is slowly compressed into a new body contour. Due to its shortest recovery time, efficiency, and safety, laser fat removal has gradually become an excellent choice for most patients in plastic surgery clinics.

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