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RF Lifting - Professional Face Lift Treatment

RF Lifting - Professional Face Lift Treatment


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RF lifting is a specialized hardware face lift treatment that improves the condition and tissue structure of the skin by exposing the skin to radio wave energy to tighten the tissue. Ideal for rejuvenating the face and body, RF lifting can help eliminate most skin imperfections.

The subcutaneous tissue under the influence of radiofrequency energy is heating, which helps to reduce aging and sagging connective tissue fibers. The radiofrequency energy activates the production of collagen and elastin, which helps to achieve the results of a face lift - skin that becomes more rejuvenated and more elastic.

RF lifting

The essence of RF lifting lies in the action of radio waves on the areas most prone to cellulite formation, the feature that causes sagging of the skin with age. This usually manifests itself in the forehead, temples, cheeks, nasolabial triangle, chin, and neck to the thyroid cartilage area of the face; and in the abdomen, inner thighs, and sides (above the iliac pelvis) of the body. RF lifting is not only suitable for facial lift, but also for tightening the aging and sagging skin of body parts.

Types of RF Lifting

RF lifting procedures for the face and body can perform in different modes depending on the type and settings of the device. The difference lies in the power and polarity of the different devices.

  • Monopolar RF.It is also a deep skin heat treatment. Monopolar RF passes uniformly through localized layers of skin at the same depth. To achieve it, using a single electrode device, monopolar RF lifting can heat up to approximately 50-60 degrees and penetrate the skin to a depth of approximately 4 mm. Monopolar RF is not suitable for thin skin areas, including the area around the eyes. It is suitable for cellulite treatment as part of body contouring.
  • Bipolar RF.Bipolar RF penetrates to a depth of only 1 mm at a temperature of no more than 40 degrees. Of course, this method is not as effective as thermal therapy, because instead of stimulating collagen fibers, it activates fibroblast growth. However, the procedure has far fewer side effects. This is why bipolar RF is more suitable for sensitive areas such as the face or around the eyes.
  • Tripole or multipole RF.The name itself indicates that the device contains 3 or more electrodes. Multipolar RF allows radio waves to have a positive effect at different depths in the dermis (from 0.5 to 3 mm). The temperature of the process is regulated between 39 and 45 degrees. Multipolar RF is suitable for all skin types (even RF eye lifts), can apply to the whole body and face lift with absolutely no pain.

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Advantages of Radiofrequency Lifting

  • Non-invasive. RF lifting leaves no scars and poses no potential health risks (in the absence of contraindications).
  • Radiofrequency face lift does not require special training, rehabilitation, lifelong dietary restrictions, or other restrictive rules.
  • Available in all seasons.
  • Gender- and age-neutral. It is equally tolerable for men and women from age 25 through menopause.
  • Short treatment time and high efficiency. The results of it are not only visible immediately after a single treatment, but the results get better with time.
  • The RF lifting exposure accuracy allows you to target specific localized areas.
  • Applies to the whole body.
  • Can combine with other cosmetic treatments.
face lift

RF Lifting At Home

It is a rather expensive procedure, not only that, it takes time to find an aesthetic salon with the expertise and materials to perform the actual RF lifting treatment, and the number of sessions is not limited to one or two.

As an alternative to salon procedures, it is now possible to perform body and face at home. The results may be less effective than professional results, but this does save a lot of money and time.

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At-home RF lifting can perform in different ways, so you can choose the more affordable one. To get closer to the results of a salon RF lifting treatment, you can purchase a portable RF lifting machine that is convenient and safe to use at home.

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How RF Lifting is Performed

  • Patients should not use cosmetics before treatment - the skin should keep dry and clean. Men need to be careful shaving. Contact lenses are not recommended when working on the eyelids and the area around the eyes.
  • RF lifting is perform in the comfort and cleanliness of a salon or clinic.
  • First, perform a deep facial cleansing to remove impurities from the skin's surface.
  • Then apply a hypoallergenic conductive gel.

RF treatment

  • The aesthetician individually selects the treatment modality according to the patient's skin characteristics, the area to be treated, and the desired effect.
  • The aesthetician begins to use a professional RF lifting device to work on the problem areas while massaging the skin.
  • After the procedure, the skin is cleansed again and a nourishing mask is applied to the face.
  • Before visiting a salon, you should consult a professional dermatologist to determine if any contraindications exist.
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