6 in 1 S Shape Machine 30K Cavitation RF EMS Vacuum For Body Sculpting

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Model: MS-45T6SB

Bullet Points:
*Versatile Solution For Face & Body Care
This machine is a game-changer, bundling together all the latest and most effective technologies. From 30K cavitation to Vacuum, RF, EMS&EL, and LED laser, it's like having a personalized spa in the comfort of your own home. Whatever your skincare or body-shaping needs, this machine has you covered.

*Welcome to Radiant Transformation
Say hello to firmer, more youthful skin from head to toe. With targeted treatments for the face and neck, along with body sculpting for areas like arms, legs, back, and buttocks, the benefits are endless. Experience the joy of saying goodbye to wrinkles, boosting your metabolism, reducing stretch marks, and even relieving stress—all in one convenient device.

*No More Painful Procedures & Downtime
Forget about painful procedures or worrying about side effects. With this machine, it's all about natural beauty enhancements. Plus, there's no need for anesthesia or downtime. You'll see visible results right after each treatment, and the process is completely external, making it a breeze to incorporate into your routine.

*Time-Saving Treatments for Busy Lifestyles
We've designed each treatment session to be quick and efficient, lasting only about 60 minutes. Whether you're squeezing it in during your lunch break or unwinding after a long day, you can enjoy the benefits of this machine without sacrificing precious time from your daily plans. 

*Empower Your Well-Being
Investing in your mental and physical well-being is always a smart choice. If you're ready for a significant change, why not embark on your transformation journey with this versatile instrument? With its wide range of benefits and proven results, it's the perfect starting point for a happier, healthier you.

Handle Functions:
*RF & Ultra Sound Handle: Crafted with precision at a 40k frequency, this handle is tailored for precise body contouring. Utilizing radiofrequency to trigger collagen synthesis, it effectively enhances skin texture and firmness.

*Suction & RF Facial Handle: Targeting skin tightening and collagen stimulation, this handle aims to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a more youthful and lifted facial appearance.

*Suction & RF Body Handle: Designed to improve skin tightness and elevation by stimulating collagen production, this handle also enhances circulation and metabolism through its suction feature, aiding detoxification processes.

*EMS & EL Facial Handle: Providing comprehensive facial enhancement, this handle addresses muscle tone and skin appearance. EMS electrical impulses target underlying muscles, while EL contributes to skin rejuvenation and a radiant complexion.

*LED Laser Pads: These pads tighten skin and sculpt the body, complementing various body contouring treatments with their unique laser technology.

Technical Principles:
EL employs electrical impulses to instantly stimulate the skin's deep layers, enhancing skin permeability and facilitating the entry of macromolecules or small molecules, thus promoting better nutrient absorption.

Ultrasound utilizes ultrasound wave principles. Upon entering human tissues, intense sound waves create vigorous friction movement, effectively dissipating heat. Additionally, vibrating sound waves produce strong impacts on the skin, leading to immediate bursting and achieving body contouring effects.

The negative pressure handle utilizes a specialized suction head to massage the skin and body, enhancing bodily fluid flow. The kneading action from negative pressure increases skin tissue activity and elasticity.

RF radiofrequency utilizes thermal effects to generate specific waves beneath the skin's surface. This stimulates collagen and elastin fiber proliferation and reorganization. Continuous regeneration and rearrangement of collagen lead to tightened and lifted skin, providing a shaping effect.

The laser board employs lasers with a 635nm-650nm wavelength, part of the visible spectrum. With strong penetration capabilities, these lasers dissolve heat in deep layers, ensuring a safe, side effect-free, and painless treatment experience.

Input Power: 110V-220V 50HZ/60HZ
40K&RF RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
40K&RF 40K Frequency (Hz): 30KHZ
40K&RF Power (W): 85W
6-Pole Vacuum RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
6-Pole Vacuum RF Power (W): 72W
6-Pole Vacuum RF Vacuum Suction (KPa): -73KPa
6-Pole Vacuum RF Vacuum Flow (L/min): 10LPM
6-Pole Vacuum RF Noise Level (30cm away): 60dB
8-Pole Vacuum RF Frequency (Hz): 5M
8-Pole Vacuum RF Power (W): 65W
8-Pole Vacuum RF Vacuum Suction (KPa): -73KPa
8-Pole Vacuum RF Vacuum Flow (L/min): 10
8-Pole Vacuum RF Noise Level (30cm away): 60dB
EMS&EL EL Frequency (Hz): 62.5HZ
EMS&EL EMS Frequency (Hz): 4KHZ
EMS&EL Power (W): 12W
Laser Pad (6 big, 2 small 160MW): 20W
Product Dimensions: 17.8”*32.5”*12.2”
Net Weight (Kg): 9kg
Gross Weight (Kg): 12.5kg
Packing Dimensions: 57.5*51*38CM

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
1*6-Pole Photon Vacuum RF Handle
1*6-Pole Photon RF 40K Handle
1*8-Pole Facial Photon Vacuum RF Handle
1*Facial EMS&EL Handle
6*Large Laser Pad
2*Small Laser Pad
1 Set*Mounting Bracket
1*Power Cord
1*Accessory Kit

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