[20% Off] 5 Pcs 300g Ultrasonic Cavitation Gel for Cavitation Treatment

Package: [20% Off] 5Pcs Cavitation Gel
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Model 1: OT-GEL1-5PC

Our specially formulated ultrasonic cavitation gel is designed to amplify the effects of your cavitation machine, helping you achieve better ultrasonic cavitation results.

Use Gel for Cavitation and Get Better Results

The cavitation gel allows ultrasonic waves to penetrate deeper into users' skin and target stubborn areas of fat.

Our gel for cavitation machine is made with water, glycerin, and propylene glycol. These ingredients are safe and have no side effects.

The smooth and non-greasy texture of our gel makes it easy to apply and ensures that it won't leave any residue on your skin.


Net weight: 300g

Main ingredients: water, glycerin, and propylene glycol

Package Including

5PCS x 300g Ultrasonic Cavitation Gel 

Attention While Using Cavitation Gel

  • Avoiding direct contact with eyes, please clean immediately with water when into the eyes.
  • Stop using it if it is uncomfortable and sensitive.
  • Storing in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunshine or temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ultrasonic cavitation gel?

Ultrasonic cavitation gel is a kind of conductive gel that is used with cavitation machines. The main ingredients of a good cavitation gel are water, glycerin, and propylene glycol, which properly moisturize the skin and enhance the cavitation efficiency.

Do you need gel for cavitation machine?

The simple answer is yes. There are 3 benefits of using ultrasonic cavitation gel during cavitation treatments.

  1. It can serve as a medium to make the ultrasound waves penetrate your skin and muscles more easily, which can help the users have better ultrasonic cavitation results.
  2. It can moisturize the skin and make the cavitation head easier to glide on the skin. This will increase your cavitation efficiency.
  3. It helps to protect users' skin by preventing them from experiencing uncomfortable sensations such as stinging when you use a cavitation handle.
  4. It increases the lifespan of the cavitation device and any electrodes, pads, and other complementary accessories.

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