7 Colors PDT Acne Removal Face LED Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Anti Wrinkle

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Model: LT-110Z

PDT LED Threapy Overview

Photon Dynamic Therapy is a new technology that uses photon energy for skin care and treatment, converting light energy into cellular energy. Firms lift and tighten skin to restore elasticity, improve skin texture, smooth wrinkles, and refine pores. With no side effects, it provides pure light and energy for skincare, suitable for all skin types. Safe, gentle, and no pain.

LED light therapy is a popular non-invasive skin treatment for acne, sunburns, wounds, and other skin problems. The treatment uses different wavelengths of light to trigger the skin\'s natural healing process to repair skin.

Feature LED Light Therapy

- The natural beauty machine uses LED light therapy technology to accelerate skin circulation and anti-aging.
- Photon therapy technology, combined with 7-color LED lights with different wavelengths, provides light therapy for skin problems to help restore a youthful appearance.
- It can effectively reduce wrinkles and sagging, shrink pores and improve oily skin.
- Strengthens and tightens the skin, leaving it fair, smooth, elastic, and youthful.
- This short-term therapy is easy to use, has no risk of burns, is comfortable and painless.
- Solve different skin problems, such as skin regeneration and sedation.

7 Colors Cyclic Light

- Red LED: Rejuvenation, lighten skin, wrinkles removal, and acne reduction. Improve skin tone
- Orange LED: Improves dark spots and fine lines
- Yellow LED: Improve redness, pigment precipitation.
- Green LED: Deep repair and white skin rejuvenation, reduce pigment formation, reduce the excitement of oil glands.
- Cyan LED: Clam down the skin and balanced secretion, control oil.
- Blue: Balanced secretion and control grease.
- Purple LED: Repair acne and lighten the spot.

Usage Tips:
- After the adapter is connected, long-press the power key to start.
- Recommend temperature at starting: 0-25℃.


Wavelengths: 420nm-640nm
Power: DC12V4A 50Hz/60Hz
LED: Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan,blue, purple
Dimension: 37 x 26 x 14cm
Weight: 2.5KG
Height: 31CM

Packing List

1 x Main Machine
1 x Adapter
1 x Protection Patch

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