40K Cavitation Machine 9 in 1 Vacuum RF Skin Tightening & Facial Rejuvenation

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Model: LS-9XD1

What Is This 9 IN 1 Machine?

The 9 IN 1 is a multifunctional body-shaping skin-lifting beauty machine, combining different functions of Uniosetion cavitation 2.5, 3D SMART RF vacuum, RF radio frequency, bio, microcurrent photon, and skin scrubber. It is useful for face care and body shaping. It is good for body contouring, at the same time, can get a good effect on facial skin rejuvenation. It is more effective.

Bullet Points:
*Find More Beauty Potentials
Start your beauty business with ease with our low-barrier solution, all-in-1 cavitation machine. Discover the endless possibilities within the beauty industry as you introduce your clients to a wide array of services, setting your business up for success right from the start.

*Extensive Beauty Offerings
From body sculpting to skin tightening and facial care, elevate your services to spa-level quality with our 9-in-1 40k cavitation machine. With just one purchase, unlock numerous revenue streams and provide your customers with a comprehensive beauty experience.

*Low Costs & High Returns
Invest with our cost-efficient solution priced at only $530. Experience a quick return as you recover your costs in just 2-3 body contouring sessions. And this machine caters to both body and facial care, ensuring your revenue continues to grow with minimal upfront expenditure.

*See Noticeable Improvements
Delight your clients with rapid, visible results in as little as 4 weeks. Benefited from cutting-edge cavitation and 3D radiofrequency technology, the results you’ll achieve can rival those of big chain beauty salons, leaving your customers impressed and satisfied.

*Rest Assured to Order
Seamlessly integrate the machine into your services with our installation and operation videos. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our 365-day warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that your investment is well-supported every step of the way.

Handle Functions:
40k Cavitation Handle: Targeting stubborn areas like the abdomen, back, and thighs, this applicator utilizes cavitation at a 40 kHz frequency, resulting in impressive body contouring results.

6-Polar Body RF Handle: Specifically crafted to tighten loose skin on body parts such as the abdomen, this tool employs 1 MHz radiofrequency. Combined with cavitation and vacuum technologies, it enhances the efficacy of body sculpting treatments.

6-Polar Body RF & Vacuum Handle: By stimulating collagen production, it firms and lifts the skin. The vacuum feature promotes circulation and metabolism, aiding detoxification and supporting the body's natural cleansing processes.

Ultrasonic Probe: Using high-frequency vibrations, this probe efficiently delivers cosmetic nutrients into the skin, boosting its absorption of beneficial ingredients from skincare products.

6-Polar Face RF Handle: Tightening collagen and encouraging collagen renewal, this handle lifts and firms facial skin, addressing concerns related to sagging facial skin.

Skin Scrubber: Utilizing high-frequency vibrations, this tool removes dead skin, dissolves oils, purifies, unclogs, and tightens pores, leaving the skin glowing, clear, soft, and smooth.

Hot and Cold Hammer: This device calms the skin, reduces pore size, relieves allergic reactions, and reduces swelling.

Bipolar BIO Handle: Enhancing the absorption of nutrients and moisture, this handle reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin hydrated, supple, firm, and radiant.

Photon & Microcurrent Handle: Targeting aging and acne-prone skin, this handle fades blemishes, tightens and lifts the skin, soothes sunburns, and addresses various other skin concerns.

Technical Principles:
CAVI harnesses ultrasound technology to generate intense sound waves within the body, creating friction that effectively burns calories and shapes the body by producing instant blasting through pressure impact between the skin layers.

Body Vacuum & RF combines radiofrequency (RF) and negative pressure technologies. RF stimulates collagen production and rearrangement by heating the skin, enhancing firmness and elasticity. Negative pressure aids in skin absorption by stretching and promoting skin absorption.

RF delivers thermal energy through radiofrequency waves, stimulating skin tissue and collagen production to reduce wrinkles and firm the skin.

BIO utilizes microcurrents to penetrate deep into the skin, improving nutrient and moisture absorption, promoting collagen regeneration, and leaving the skin moisturized, soft, firm, and radiant while reducing wrinkles and enhancing elasticity.

Hot & Cold employs thermal expansion and contraction to reduce sensitivity and absorb nutrients at low temperatures while effectively shrinking pores and repairing damaged skin at higher temperatures.

Ultrasound utilizes high-frequency vibration to penetrate deep into the skin, improving circulation, stimulating collagen regeneration, and leaving the skin shiny and elastic.

Scrubber utilizes high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to atomize water, remove dead skin cells, promote deep detoxification, and reveal clean skin.

Photon & Microcurrent: BIO stimulates collagen regeneration for lifting and firming, while IPL rejuvenates the skin by metabolizing light energy, targeting various skin problems through different colored light sources and depths.

Input Power: 110V-220V 50HZ/60HZ
40K Frequency (Hz): 40K-2.5G
40K Power (W): 35W
Facial 6-Pole RF Frequency (Hz): 1M
Facial 6-Pole RF Power (W): 35W
Body 6-Pole RF Frequency (Hz): 1M
Body 6-pole RF Power (W): 55W
Pole BIO Frequency (Hz): 62.5W
2-Pole BIO Power (W): 9W
2-Pole Vacuum RF Frequency (Hz): 1M
2-Pole Vacuum RF Power (W): 66W
2-Pole Vacuum RF Vacuum Suction (KPa): -73KPa
2-Pole Vacuum RF Vacuum flow (L/min): 10
2-Pole Vacuum RF Noise Level (30cm away): 60
1M Ultrasound Frequency (Hz): 1M
1M Ultrasound Power (W): 18W
Scrubber Frequency (Hz): 40K
Scrubber Power (W): 20W
Photon & BIO Frequency (Hz): 6.667-10HZ, Carrier frequency 90KHz
Photon & BIO Power (W): 12W
Hot and Cold Hammer Power: 20W
Hot and Cold Hammer Temperature: COLD:32-39.2°F  HOT:113°F
Product Dimensions: 13.8*13.4*11.4” (35*34*29CM)
Net Weight (Kg): 6.7
Gross Weight (Kg): 7.6
Packing Dimensions: 43.5*32.5*31.5CM

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
1*Photon Ultrasonic Handle
1*Hot and Cold Hammer
1*Small 6-Pole Photon RF Handle
1*2-Pole Photon BIO Handle
1*40K 2.5G Handle
1*Large 6-Pole Photon RF Handle
1*6-Pole Photon Vacuum RF Handle
1*Photon BIO Handle
1 Set*Mounting Bracket
1*Power Cord
1*Accessory Kit

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