30 Pcs 28cm*28cm Anti-freeze Membrane For Weight Loss Beauty Weight Loss And Beauty Equipment

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Antifree membrane For Slimming Weight Loss

Antifree membrane


The use of triglyceride in fat to convert into a solid at a specific low temperature, targeting and eliminating fat cells.After the fat cells are frozen.It will begin to decompose and clear the process so that the fat is gradually thinned, thereby achieving the purpose of local lipolysis.


Professional anti-freeze film imported materials are widely used in frozen beauty fat reduction, beautyweight loss and beauty equipment.


1. Effectively prevent skin frostbite, burn
2. The specification is reasonable and can completely cover the injured part of the skin.
3. The product antifreeze is debugged and used several times to ensure the effectiveness of the freezing instrument.
4. Under the premise of using antifreeze film, the effect of freezing instrument and frostbite resistance are effectively improved.

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