BBL Vacuum Therapy Machine Adjustable Suction Breast Enlarger Butt Lift Machine

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Model: MS-2172C

Bullet Points:
*Personalized Treatment
Choose the perfect fit for your body with a variety of breast cup sizes designed to match different breast shapes and sizes.

*Perfect Fit for Every Curve
Experience a treatment that conforms to your unique body contours with 9 pairs of cupping cups, ensuring optimal suction and contact for effective results.

*Large Coverage Area
Benefit from oversized vacuum cups that hold up to 150ml, providing extensive coverage in a single session and enhancing the overall efficiency of your therapy.

*Easy-to-Use Interface
Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of a touch screen, which makes setting up and starting your treatment sessions quick and effortless.

*Stylish and Durable Design
Appreciate the elegant look and feel of metal construction, which not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures long-lasting durability for frequent use.

Handle Functions:
Breast Vacuum Cups: Stimulates muscle contraction to strengthen muscles and promote breast enlargement.

Cupping Vacuum Cups: Uses gentle pressure to improve circulation, boosting metabolism and aiding in detoxification.

Facial Vacuum Cups: Applies directly to the skin for deep cleansing, enhancing skin elasticity, and reducing fine lines.

Metal Fingertip Cups: Aids in muscle relaxation during massage therapy, alleviating tension and pain, while potentially improving skin tone and texture.

Technical Principles:
Face Negative Pressure Cup: Utilizes suction technology to cleanse the skin, removing dirt and oil, promoting circulation, and enhancing absorption.

Slippery Head: Employs negative air pressure massage to improve fluidity, boost skin elasticity, and reduce fine lines, while promoting circulation and eliminating waste, reducing spots, and relieving pain.

Negative Pressure Cup: Opens pores with external force to expel waste, activates skin activity, and accelerates local circulation and metabolism for detoxification.

Breast Enhancement Cup: Uses vacuum negative pressure to create rhythmic suctions, lifting breast muscles and achieving breast enhancement.

Input Power: 110V-220V 50HZ/60HZ
Cup Power(W): No-load suction power: 9W Load suction power: 2W
Cup Vacuum suction(KPa): -50cmHg
Cup Vacuum flow(L/min): 8LPM
Cup Noise Level(30cm away): 65dB
Product Dimensions: 8.6*6.5*9.8”(22*16.5*25CM)
Net Weight(Kg): 3.7Kg
Gross Weight(Kg): 4.4Kg
Packing Dimensions: 38.5*32*20CM

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
6*Breast Cups (in 3 sizes)
6*Cupping Cups (in 3 sizes)
12*Gas Cups (in 6 specifications)
2*Y-shaped Hose (in 2 sizes)
3*Plastic Vacuum Cups (34mm, 57mm, 79mm)
1*Power Cord
1*White Hose
1*Accessory Kit

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