Dual Wavelength 650-980nm Diode Laser Body Shaping Mahcine 8 Pads

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Diode Laser 650-980nm Weight Loss Skin Care Tool 8 Pads

Model: YH-8201

Introducing the Dual Wavelength Lipo Laser - it combines two wavelengths for a powerful fat-burning effect. The 650nm wavelength boosts blood circulation and the 980nm wavelength penetrates deep into skin tissues. Target stubborn fats in your belly, arms, thighs, back, or face for natural weight loss without surgery.

Diode Laser Body Shaping Mahcine

With professional technology specialized in the beauty industry, the non-invasive and painless lipo laser can reduce weight up to 2-6 cm in one treatment, providing instant results.

Why Our Lipo Laser Machine?

Diode Laser Body Shaping
Body Shaping Mahcine

A. Innovative design: dual wavelength 650nm/980nm, working together to efficiently reduce stubborn fats.

B. Targeted fat reduction: You can lose weight anywhere in your body, according to your demands.

C. 100% safe: painless, with no scarring and zero downtime, making it the best non-invasive lipo laser.

D. Intellectually designed and of high quality, the machine is easy to operate, even for non-professionals.

E. Available in portable and stationary styles, so you can choose what suits you best.

Package Included

  • 1 x Power line(We offer 100-240 V , AU/EU/UK/AU plug)
  • 6 x Big paddle with 17 laser//Each (Total 102 laser)
  • 2 x Small paddle with 3 laser //each (Total 6 laser)
  • 1 x holder for paddles

laser body shaping

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