Body Freezing Machine For Body Contouring Face & Safe Body Sculpting with 3 Handles

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Model: SM-7301NB

Three Freezing Handles Versatile Body Sculpting Contouring for Both Body & Face

Key Features

The device is applied to the skin\'s surface, cooling the target area to approximately 4°C. This process accelerates the death of adipocyte, which are then naturally eliminated from the body through metabolic processes, resulting in a body shaping effect.

Benefits of Freezing System


Effortlessly target and eliminate stubborn adipose in challenging areas such as the back, belly, and chin for a noticeable transformation.


Surpassing traditional liposuction, our fat-freezing program offers a side-effect-free alternative, ensuring it won't disrupt your regular activities or daily life.


Embrace a revolutionary approach to body contouring with our state-of-the-art technology, recognized as a significant advancement in the field. Operating at low temperatures, it freezes targeted adipocyte instantly.


Benefit from our updated control software, featuring a user-friendly interface for easy operation. Shorten the learning curve, making it accessible for all skill levels.

Technical Specifications

· Input Voltage: AC 110 V - 240 V, 50 Hz - 60 Hz

· Power: 290 W

· Product Size: 30.3 x 26.6 x 16.5 in.

· Net Weight: 19.5 kg

· Gross Weight: 24 kg

Package List

· 1 x Main Freezing Machine

· 2 x Body Freezing Handle

· 1 x Chin Freezing Handle

· 1 x User Manual

· 1 x Power Cord


Q: How does the freezing treatment work?

A: The device is applied to the surface of the skin, cooling the target area to approximately 4°C. This process accelerates the aging and subsequent death of adipocyte, which are then naturally eliminated from the body through metabolic processes, resulting in a contouring effect.

Q: Do I need to diet and exercise after treatment?

A: It's crucial to maintain a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise after the treatment. The procedure specifically reduces body adipose and does not boost the basal metabolic rate. Without incorporating exercise and a balanced diet into your lifestyle, there is a risk of regaining weight over time.

Q: How long does it take to notice the results of the freezing treatment?

A: Visible results are typically noticed within 1-2 months, though individual factors and metabolism can influence this timeframe. The treatment employs a constant temperature of 4°C, exploiting the adipocyte\' vulnerability to low temperatures. This process leads to the natural elimination through metabolism, gradually revealing noticeable results.

Q: Why is the application of an anti-freezing membrane necessary?

A: The primary function of the anti-freezing membrane is to regulate the temperature in the treatment area. Clinical tests have demonstrated that the membrane effectively prevents skin frostbite during the treatment.

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