Multifunctional S-SHAPE 30K Cavitation RF EMS Vacuum Body Contouring Skin Care Beauty Machine

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Model: LS-45D2

S-SHAPE Ultrasound 30K Cavitation EMS Vacuum Body Shaping Skin Rejuvenation Machine

wrinkle removal


Face Suction&RF Face Lifting, promote metobolism

Body Suction&RF Body Shaping, Fat Loss

Cavitation&RF Body Slimming, weight loss

EMS&EL Electroporation Facial Care Anti-aging

What Is This S Shape Machine?

This S SHAPE cavitation 2.5 machine is new updating ,which can do body face treatment,  combining 30KHz cavitation RF, body face vacuum RF radio frequency and EMS electroporation facial.

What Are The Bnefits of S SHAPE Ultrasound Cavitation Machine?

This is new updating S Shape Machine, one of myChway's multifunctional beauty machines. That 30K is very effective to burn fat, lose weight. If you cannot lose fat with exercise or diet, You can choose this body cavitation treatment ,which may have the most effective results. This procedure can be used to reshape your body, reduce cellulite and get the ideal body what you always wanted.

What aftercare is advised?

Drink 2-3 liters of water daily during treatment and for one week after the last treatment.
It is important to stimulate the area after treatment. It is advisable to massage the area daily to stimulate the lymphatic drainage process.
The recommended session interval is at least 3-6 days.
A minimum of 20 minutes of heart rate elevation exercise is required after treatment. This is best done right after the session. The next three days are to ensure that the stored energy released by the cavitation process is burned. If you don't like aerobic exercise, an infrared sauna session can have a similar effect on your body.

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