S Shape 4 in 1 30K Cavitation Body Sculpting Skin Tightening Machine

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S Shape 30K Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine for Fat Reduction

Model: MS-45T2SE

The s shape 30k cavitation machine is the most recent ultrasonic cavitation machine using 30K ultrasonic cavitation technology for body sculpting, cellulite removal, and skin tightening.

It is very popular among beauty clinics, salons, and spas due to its excellent body-slimming and skin-lifting effects.

Also, the machine is trending for individuals with its user-friendly and compact design for those who want to achieve their body goals easily.

s shape 30k ultrasonic cavitation machine, keeping you in shape

Why S Shape 30K Cavitation Machine?

Do you want to have an easy-to-operate machine that can easily achieve weight loss like a science fiction movie?

Good news that it comes true. This 30K cavitation  machine will be your dreamy body sculpting machine that helps you easily fat remove and skin lift at home.

Stay in shape without a sweat with 30k cavitation machine

4 Handles Meet All Your Needs

The best 30K cavitation machine is a new multifunctional cavitation machine with pro 30k cavitation, 30k cavitation & RF, face vacuum RF, and ems handle, which can meet your needs for body slimming, weight loss, fat reduction, face lifting, skin tightening, wrinkle removal, etc.

4-in-1 Multifunctional Cavitation Machine Handles

The Advantages of S Shape 30K Cavitation Machine

1. One-touch operation. After one treatment, the s shape machine will automatically jump to the next operation in the order, so don't worry if you do not know how to do it step by step.

The 30k ultrasonic cavitation machine is a one-touch operation
Real-time using instructions on screen
A lot of instruction videos on MYCHWAY YouTube channel

2. 4-in-1 functions & compact size. Designed for home use, enjoy multiple beauty treatments at home. You can use body slimming machine for your face, hips, thighs, stomach, love handles, arms, and buttocks.

3. Double 30K cavitation handles work more effectively. Powerful 30k cavitation is good for stubborn thick fat, and 30k powerful cavitation rf is good for better results.

30 cavitation RF handle for thick cellulite
Tighten your face with an EMS+EL face handle and an RF suction face handle.

4. Save money, time, and effort. It costs too much money and time to go to the spa many times. If you have this s shape machine, you can do it any time.

5. Non-invasive and safe. It’s painless and helps to reshape and contour the body. And effective for weight loss, body sculpting, fat loss, cellulite removal, and skin tightening.

What are the benefits than other ways to stay in shape with s shape 30k cavitation machine?

The Effects of 30K Cavitation Machine

1. Increase skin elasticity and refine skin.

2. Nourishes the skin and promotes skin absorption.

3. Accelerates blood circulation and metabolism.

4. Helps relieve double chin and sagging skin.

5. Stimulates collagen regeneration, firming, and shaping.

6. Improve excess fat in the back, waist, and abdomen.


Input Power: AC 110 V/220 V 50/60 Hz

30K Pro Body Handle
Frequency: 30 kHz
Power: 80 W

CAVI & RF Body Handle
Freqeuncy of RF: 5 MHz
Frequency of Cavitation: 30 kHz
Power: 40 W

Suction RF Facial Slimming Handle
Frequency: 5 MHz
Power: 40 W
Vacuum: <-73 kPa
Air Flow: >10 L/min
Noise Level: <60 dB (30 cm away)

EL (Electroporation) Facial Anti-aging Handle
Frequency of EL: 62.5 Hz
Frequency of EMS: 3 kHz
Power: 12 W

Product Size (when installed): 16.9 x 12.3 x 8.9 in. (43 x 31 x 23 cm)
Package Size: 16 x 14 x 11 in. (40.2 x 35.2 x 27 cm)
Net Weight: 5.5 kg
Gross Weight: 7.1 kg

Package List

1 x Main 30K Cavitation Machine

1 x Suction RF Facial Slimming Handle

1 x EMS EL (Electroporation) Facial Anti-aging Handle

1 x Ultrasound Cavitation 30K Body Shape Handle

1 x Ultrasound 30k Cavitation RF Body Sculpture Handle

1 x Power Cord

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